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Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: 2GHz Dual-Core Set Up

April 28, 2022 | Maddy Rowe
Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: 2GHz Dual-Core Set Up

With the battle of the smartphones such as the HTC Thunderbolt, Samsung Galaxy S II (S2), HTC Sensation, Apple’s iPhone 4 / 5 all trying to gain the number one spot, we have yet more news of a possible handset about to join the race. That of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Although the Galaxy S2 is the newest addition to the Samsung range, news in today is of an S3 including a 2GHz dual core processor winging its way to you September/October time. The news according to comes from a source by the name of Eldar Murtazin or as he has been named the “James Bond of smartphones” because of the way he can look into the future and give us predictions as to what and when devices are making an entrance. In the past he told the tech world that the Nokia Windows Phone 7 would indeed be on its way.

Here at OSM we gave you news just over a week ago that Samsung were indeed thinking of implementing a bigger dual core processor into their next smartphone, so this recent news ties in nicely with the S3. As reported Samsung were keen to share with a statement saying, “We are planning to release a 2GHz dual core CPU-equipped smartphone by next year. This product will have the data processing capacities of a regular PC.”

So how will this fair against others particularly that of the highly talked about iPhone 5? For some months now, the internet has been rife with what ifs to the next gen handset. Rumors have included its appearance, price, name, internals and externals, carriers and so on, so should Apple be upping their game now?

As we mentioned there are plenty of phones either coming out in the next few months or at least by the end of the year. Apart from the few mentioned at the very beginning, there is also the possibility that the Droid Bionic may still make an entrance although on Motorola’s website, the handset has been deleted. Our very own Debbie reported that the Bionic may not even show up and if a handset does make an appearance it may sport a different name that of the “Targa.”

What are your thoughts on a new Samsung Galaxy S3 with a bigger dual-core? Is it enough to beat off the iPhone 5 or has Apple completely cemented the smartphone market?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Actually Samsung finished S3 testing with 2ghz processor.
    Screen size for S3 I saw was 4.5 and very slim aluminum body.
    Funny thing was that it’s amazingly thin because Samsung is going to use the flexible world first screen. iPhone won’t Samsung at all. Anonymous!

  2. phil says:

    Well I think that iphone days of glory are over! I am sure they had fun while it lasted, but in the last 3 years samsung have come from the behind and are making a killing in the phone market. They are yet to show what they are mafe of and i think they will set a new benchmark of how phones are made and judged!

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