Motorola Xoom Hits Sprint: Still No Price Cut

The tablet PC world is one that has been blown wide open; we have seen many manufacturers getting involved in it since Apple reignited the flame with the iPad. Many people would have called it a dead market until Apple decided it was time to open it up and then many followed.

We have seen some really good devices in recent times with the Notion Ink Adam, the latest in the Apple line with the iPad 2 and of course the new pair from Sony that look pretty impressive called the S1 and S2. Today we are talking about a different one that looked like it was going to be up there with the best of them, the Motorola Xoom. It’s now hit Sprint and there’s still no price cut.

The big problem with the Xoom is simply the price that it costs to get your hands on one. If you want to get it on Sprint’s network then you are looking at forking out $599.99 for a WiFi only model when it launches on May 8th as informed by Phandroid’s Chris Chavez. He also mentions that it’s the same day that we are expecting to see the BlackBerry PlayBook from RIM and the Samsung Nexus S 4G.

The original source for this information was a Sprint Users forum where the Xoom was snapped with Sprint branding and since then images have been uncovered such as the one below.

Do you think the price of the Motorola Xoom is too high? Will you be picking one up on Sprint? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Josh

    Why would you buy one from sprint when best buy has a WIFI only version already, I mean what is the difference?