Facebook Investors Want To Offload $1 Billion Of Shares

With Facebook being an internet powerhouse, you would be expect investors to be fighting each other to pump cash into the company. Well it looks like one firm of investors has lost their bottle and wants out early. Or do they know something we dont?

The Daily Mail has reported that a group of shareholders are looking to offload $1billion worth of Facebook shares on the secondary market. The transaction would value the company at more than $70 billion; however the investors attempted to sell their shares valuing Facebook at $90 billion which would make them worth more than News Corp and Time Warner put together.

The investment firm T. Rowe Price recently injected $190.5 million into Facebook, with stock being worth $25 a share. The company also had another investment of $50 million from Goldman Sachs and Russia’s Digital Sky Technologies, giving the social networking site a valuation of $50 billion. Reports say that Facebook could be worth as much as $270 billion in a few years, which could be on even par with Google.

So if Facebook is growing ever more successful, why would an investor want to take his money out of the company? Predictions show that in the coming years the site is only going to grow in value and users. Nothing lasts forever and one day Facebook will meet its match, but this surprise share selling seems a little suspicious. Possibly there is a better project out there or the investors feel they have already made enough money? Leave us your thoughts on why this firm are trying to sell $1 billion worth of their big investment, by leaving a comment.