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White iPhone 4 Released At Best Buy: Its Official

April 27, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

Apple’s white iPhone 4 has caused more mystery than the Loch Ness Monster, with its various reported sightings. Never far from our thoughts, those willing to wait for the pale device have sat patiently while the rest of us have moved on to speculation about the iPhone 4′s successor the iPhone 5 and even rumors surrounding LCD technology on the iPhone 6.

However according to En Terra, the long haul for the white waiters is finally over as the much talked about 4th gen version reaches several stores including the popular retail outlet Best Buy.

It was way back in June 2010 when Apple announced the pasty 4 for the first time. After lengthy delays due to reported manufacturing issues, where the white paint coating peeled off when the phone got hot, and problematic sensors, the device finally looks like its here.

As Best Buy announced they will be selling the white iPhone 4 from today (27th April), and while AT&T and Verizon have been highlighted as the main carriers, T-Mobile have also been rumored to be joining the throng.

The Appera picked up on the good news and noted its new proximity sensor. They also commented on how late the model has been released, with the iPhone 5 breathing down its neck. It raises a good point as to how popular the white device will be after such a long wait?

Also has Apple addressed the antenna problem that plagued the original 4 and the big red version?

These will be testing times for Apple to see if their loyal fans will continue to follow through and actually purchase the white iPhone 4, or will they now switch alliance and wait for the iPhone 5? Give us your thoughts.

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  1. Rich Schwizetentiger says:

    I had a android phone, and waited for so long for the iphone 4 white, white is my favorite color aswell so YAY!
    Hope they settled the problems that were occurring in the black model, and I actually hope for a upgraded processor atleast, cant wait till I pick it up tomorrow morning!

  2. Ron Jeremy says:

    Not sure what the author is talking about because the antenna issues were with the original iPhone 4 available on AT&T, but those issues do not exist anymore with the current AT&T iPhone 4 and they never did with the Verizon version. So, black or white, the antenna issue is non-issue now.

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