Contact Made With NASA’s Endeavour Via YouTube Streaming

They say all good things come to an end and this can be said for NASA‘s Endeavour space shuttle, which is due to rocket up into the sky on Friday 29th April for the very last time. With some 24 missions behind it and the latest voyage lasting some 2 weeks, the Endeavour will launch at Cape Canaveral at 6.47 pm this Friday although this could still change due to unforeseen circumstances.

Contact Made With NASA’s Endeavour Via YouTube Streaming

Just yesterday we spoke about how Twitter and NASA had joined forces to bring together 150 random people who had been lucky enough to get a free pass for a behind the scenes look at Kennedy Space Center, wear a spacesuit and get a good vantage point for watching the rocket take off. Today the news is of viral video site YouTube and its involvement.

As well as being able to watch the Endeavour take off via the site, fans wanting to find out more from the crew including the chance to ask questions, will be able to do so by way of live streaming from space. Advice is to submit a question via video clip lasting no more than 20 seconds and to submit them by the latest midnight ET April 30th.

As Mashable reported, this will work when users’ questions will be sent via Google’s Moderator and streamed live onto YouTube channel PBS News hour. The live interview will take place at 2.15 pm ET on May 2nd.

Have you followed Endeavour’s journeys into space? Is there a question you would like to ask the commander and crew? Let us know.