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White iPhone 4 Crazy Ebay Bidding: Prototype Not Legitimate

April 26, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

With the “not so elusive” White iPhone 4, I cannot believe I’m actually saying that, due to release this coming week at various retailers such as the Apple Store, rumors of Three and so on, it seems some of you cannot wait that long to grab your very own handset.

The phone which has been delayed for some 10 months now is finally rumored to be landing. Over on Engadget, a Belgian retailer has been seen showing off their new batch of the pale white version with the boxes of the handset being lined up in a row and the opportunity for users to buy a 16 or 32GB version. The handset seen on Ebay today is of a white prototype which seems to be stirring up the attention of many bidders.

On Slashgear, the auction set to finish bidding on 18.39.30 PDT, started off in the region of $2,838.00 and has risen to £3,050.00 with free shipping. It is still unclear as to where the prototype has come from and how the person(s) managed to get their hands on it, no doubt Steve Jobs will be keen to find out!

Advice of course is to wait for the official release of the white “legitimate” iPhone 4. Tell us are you in the market for the white or did you give up waiting and move onto another handset?

Let us know if you would go to this extreme and pay over the odds for something that hasn’t actually come out yet?

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