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New iMac 2011 Rumors of Release Date: Signs Imply Next Week

April 26, 2022 | Debbie Turner

We’ve been bringing you news and speculation about the new iMac 2011 and today have more rumors about the release. We know how many of you are waiting for the new iMac line and the good news is that the signs seem to imply a launch of the upgraded models as early as next week.

Since we first began discussing the next lineup of Apple iMacs a couple of months ago, we’ve asked what features you’d like to see and also the price that you’d be willing to pay. Then there were rumors of a release in late April or May. Only yesterday we also told how the release could well be imminent as there were various reports of diminished stocks of the current iMacs overseas. Now we have heard of yet more speculation about the new iMacs and all the clues are there, that we may be seeing them very soon indeed.

For starters Mark Gurman over on 9to5Mac reports that their source, a Mr. X, has informed them that Apple will stop supplying resellers with current models this week. Not only that but the same source has told them that the new iMac will be released the week of May 2nd. Gurman points out that as Apple usually launches a new product on a Tuesday or Wednesday a release date of May 3 or 4 seems likely. Another sign is that a reader informed them that Apple has delayed an order for an iMac from the online education store, until the week of May 2, with a message sent quoting an “unexpected delay.”

Following on from that Eric Slivka of MacRumors adds further news with a report saying that Apple is to change promotional materials in its stores next week, on Tuesday May 3 to be precise. This often takes place with a big product launch so if you’re one of the many that have been patiently drumming your fingers waiting for the new iMac it looks like you won’t have too much longer to wait. If the new iMacs are released next week is this sooner than you expected? Are you waiting and what are you hoping will be included in the next lineup? Let us know with your comments.

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  1. Evangelist1909 says:

    I take it the rumoured iMac release date of May 3 is for the US only? Any thoughts about a date for the UK ?

  2. Bubba says:

    The new connector is a good thing, what else could they have change, except to bump up the processor speed and video specs a tiny amount?

  3. Levi says:

    I wait for two month for this new iMac. Does anyone know if it comes in Spain at the same date (3 may)? Thanks

  4. Vicki says:

    Great! I am so excited been waiting patiently for months. Usually worldwide is two weeks or so after the US release. I would also like to see 30-inch option, improved graphics cards, 8GB base memory, and SSD options. I think this is wishful thinking lol!

  5. iMac Fiend says:

    if the sizes hold, prices may drop, however, if the sizes are increased to may be a 24" and a 30" as rumored, prices will stay the same as the current models. i'm hoping to see the sandy bridge processors, thunderbolt ports, HD camera and of course the graphics bump. not expecting a redesign though. i personally can't wait! first mac but i do have an iPad. so its gonna be a blast! i also hope that they ship magic trackpad standard and that iWork is preinstalled. but, Apple will surprise us once again with things we werent expecting!

    • Simon says:

      Hahaha, easy there buddy. You really expect Apple to give you away all those things you mentioned as "freebies"? They are not going to give you a free track pad or iWork preinstalled. Jeeez

  6. Nat Green says:

    The wait is killing me! I want to buy this so bad! Hopefully Canada will get them the same time,otherwise I may have to make a trip across the line

  7. Lex says:

    I have been waiting for this day for too long, only wish I have for new iMac is to come with decent graphics and maybe RAID HDD option, even if it would mean having two 2.5" that would be great, option of video input like HDMI would be really sweet to use this all screen estate (not happening, but still can dream)

  8. David Wong says:

    I think the new iMac will be released world wide at the same time rather than US only. Why ? It's because in Australia, the wholesaler have not received any iMacs for a whole week now and you just can't get any 21.5" or 27" iMacs at all. 30" screen on the new iMac is very unlikely and it will increase the cost significantly.

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