iPhone 6 Liquid Crystal Display: Thinner, Lighter, Longer Life

As technology moves further on, all our devices are getting thinner and lighter but surely there must be a limit. As we have already seen Apple’s popular iPhone and iPod Touches have slimmed down as the generations have progressed.

We are yet to see what the iPhone 5 version will produce but after a report by AppleInsider, suggestions have been made regarding the iPhone 6. It seems that electronics company Sharp has been approached with the possibility of producing a new LCD display for the 6th gen.

This display will be of a “poly-silicon design” featuring low running temperatures, this will allow it to be thinner overall. Obviously being slimmer in design, it will bring lightness to the device with as MacDailyNews states a increase in battery life due to lower power drain than current liquid crystal displays.

Sources including Nikkan a Japanese newspaper mention that Sharp has already been at its drawing board working on the p-Si LCD technology for some of their LCD TVs. The system works with a range of optical sensors and signal processing circuits, these are positioned straight on to the glass meaning that any other additional internals are left out, thus allowing thinner external features.

In addition to the slinky design, higher quality images will be produced on screen which will give Apple the same benefits as the impressive Retina Display. If this technology does reach the iPhone 6 then no doubt other upgrades of Apple’s range such as the iPad will also benefit.

Technology like this will be a massive benefit to us but are we looking too far ahead given that we haven’t laid eyes on the iPhone 5?

  • ajay paney

    this will be such a more than imagination .. when it come in hands

  • Suttushameem

    which technology is using in this type of display?