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iPad 2 “Maglus Magnetic Stylus” Looks For Production Funding

April 26, 2022 | Maddy Rowe
iPad 2 “Maglus Magnetic Stylus” Looks For Production Funding

Apple’s iPad 2 has been introduced to great success with over 2.5 million units sold since its release. With this in mind it seems obvious that anyone wanting to produce an addition to the tablet device, would also be graced with the same rewards. But what accessory do you offer?

Protective cases would be a good place to start, but with a wide selection already flooding the market place it may be difficult to make yours stand out from the crowd. So another area needs to be addressed, and this where Applydea found an opening.

As Silicon Republic reported, the Ireland Midlands design pairing have pulled together a straightforward accessory and are using an Irish crowd funding site, to help raise the €15,000 for product manufacturing.

Their design called the Maglus magnetic stylus, works with the iPad 2 and has the ability to stick to either the device or the Smart Cover accessory that it has been inspired by. As estimates for iPad 2 sales hit 30m units by Christmas, Applydea hope to raise the funding in enough time to capture a part of this market.

At the moment over €2,000 has been offered through, but unless the full €15,000 amount is reached no funds can be released. For a €15 pledge the first 2,000 funders through the site will get a Maglus stylus, and for those following fund raising totals updates will be posted on the site or through

Pricing for the stylus will be €24.99 plus postage and packing if it makes its production costs target, and with the site managing over €40,000 funding for other designs within its opening month, Applydea’s chances look good.

Do you like the idea of the magnetic stylus, and will you be prepared to support its production? Could sites like offer better chances for designers that don’t have access to big bank funding make their ideas known?

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