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Wayne Rooney on Twitter? Over 150,000 Follow After Only 3 Days

April 25, 2022 | Debbie Turner

Here at OSM we often report on the prolific use of Twitter by celebrities and sporting stars and one of the busiest users is Rio Ferdinand, Manchester United defender. Now it seems that his teammate Wayne Rooney has been encouraged to Twitter and even though at present his account is unverified he’s already managed to collect over 150,000 followers.

Ferdinand has around 820,000 followers on Twitter and once he heard of Rooney’s move to start tweeting, urged people to follow Rooney too. Ferdinand informed his fans that the account Wazzaroon08 was Rooney’s and thousands took the hint to follow Rooney’s new account. We have to point out Ferdinand’s penchant for jokes using Twitter though, with April Fools’ and recently a prank involving Piers Morgan being two examples, but from what we’ve seen the account could well be genuine.

The news of Rooney taking to Twitter came from Metro and tweets so far have included one urging fans to also follow his wife Coleen, and praise for Fernando Torres’s first Chelsea goal. Also after Man. U’s 1-0 win against Everton, in which Hernandez scored the winning goal, Rooney tweeted “Great result for us today. Love playing with Hernandez. Buy of century. Great lad to.” Another report on the Mail Online tells how Coleen Rooney has confirmed that Wazzaroon08 is indeed Wayne’s account and how Rooney joined in order to try to protect his wife against cyber-bullying.

We’ve just taken a look at Rooney’s account and not only has he mastered adding a profile photo but his followers are now up to 187,000 which is a pretty impressive figure after such a short time. He’s only following 15 people so far though, including of course Coleen and teammates Rio Ferdinand and Michael Owen as you might expect but no doubt as Rooney becomes more use to the whole Twitter thing, those numbers will soon go up.

Are you a Wayne Rooney fan and will you be following the superstar footballer on Twitter? What do you think of the growing trend for sporting stars to communicate with their fans using Twitter? Let us know with your comments.

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