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Spotify & Google To Launch YouTube Style Music Service?

April 25, 2022 | Matt Tran

We have spoken about 2 things in the past month, those being Spotify’s expansion and Google’s music streaming service. Interestingly there is talk of a deal going on between the companies which would see each get what they are after.

Reports are telling us that Google has been courting Spotify in an attempt to get their long awaiting music streaming service. According to Electric Pig, Google will either partner Spotify or go all out and acquire them. A deal with Google would most definitely bring Spotify closer to their obsession of expanding their services out to the US.

It has been suggested that Google’s music service powered by Spotify would operate in a similar fashion to YouTube. The concept would be to allow users to upload their songs to the cloud and then stream, share or download the music they wish. If you have any videos uploaded to Google Video and need to transfer them to YouTube them follow the link to find out how.

Spotify has grown impressively in the past year, reaching over 1 million paying members and a valuation of $1 billion. Google’s 1st quarter earnings was estimated at $2.3 billion so you would think that the search engine has adequate funds to purchase the Swedish based music service if they wished. Leave us your thoughts on the prospect of Spotify powering Google’s music offering.

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