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Sony PSN Outage Deeper Problem: Tuesday Service Resumed?

April 25, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

With one day leading into another and a good percentage of you sat there wondering whether the Sony PSN will ever be resumed, then news from an unnamed source has stated that the service may be up and running in the next day or to.

OK so this was the same feedback we first received when the network went down last Wednesday 20th April, but yesterday Slashgear via reported that the source who themselves has connections with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE), has stated that Japanese PSN servers are being looked into with the hope of restoration by today whilst other servers in America and Europe to follow with the service coming back on tomorrow (Tuesday), again this is only rumor and not officially announced.

Following on from yesterday’s news that Sony were rumored to be dealing with an “external intrusion,” has now been confirmed that yes, the work is down to hackers and that the problem is far worse than Sony would care to admit. The source has claimed that the PlayStation Secure Network has indeed suffered a LOIC attack that has led to damage of the server. Along with this, it has been reported that attacks have been carried out solely on the servers holding personal information which has consequently breached the Admin Dev accounts. Sony then it seems closed the network down and is now participating in a backup restoration of new servers with new admin dev accounts.

We asked our readers yesterday what activities they have been participating in whilst the network is down and whether a percentage of you have turned to Xbox Live to get your gaming fix? Although it is still unclear as to who is responsible, some of you feel that it is a sabotage from Microsoft to get an increase in traffic of Xbox Live?

Tell us what you think? Now that the problem may be far worse than first anticipated, does it worry you that servers holding account information could have been affected breaching the Admin Dev accounts?

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  • bob

    Sunny this easter.

  • reko

    this is a joke, joke joke. if the system has been breached how and where. what where the true intentions and has any information been stolen/copied or deleted????. yes psn is free, but sony are storing vast amounts of information on people, which in turn makes then responsable to
    non-paying customers. They should not just shut up shop five days ago with fictional stories to try and cloud the problem. Shut down the system yes but tell people why and whats happening. After this total joke of customer service ( you,ll get to know if we decide to tell you attitude) i,ll be removing all my information from the system and probably shelf the gaming side of the unit for good. This system breaching has seem to be a ongoing problem for sony since the beginning. It seams to me that sony don,t really take security seriously or they where being very nieve in thinking they where gods among men.

  • reko

    oh and if sony have the bottle to come back online and say we have to pay for a service now to keep it secure…… it will prove what i just said… if sony wanted to run a network we didn,t pay for the security should have been just as good as a system you have to subscribe for. So if they say we now have to pay i say for what, because whatever it is we will be paying for, well that should have been inplace from the moment they even thought of running a online service.

  • Mad-Dan-uk

    my own opinion is that there was no "hack" PSN has had problems for months, laggy connections, slow downloads or not been able to log in at all, i feel they chose this weekend to take it down and re-do it with a completely new version in an attempt to make it faster and more reliable.

    If it had been hacked, there would be someone somewhere trying to glory hunt claiming they had done it.

    while it's been down, i've been playing xbox, i'm in no way a ps3-fanboy, but XBL sucks as badly as psn and they charge for it, but the worst thing about all this is, Sony not releasing regular updates and even giving an estimated time for repair, they've just left all the subscribers hanging with very little info and no real idea of whats going on.

  • cueball

    dont matter what security u have hackers will still get access just a matter of time the more and better security will just take them a few exta weeks maybe but if they want to get into psn again then they will even if sony uses the best of the best security
    only way sony stands a bit of a chance is to update secruiy weekly to try stay ahead of the hackers

  • cueball

    dont matter what security u have hackers will still get access just a matter of time the more and better security will just take them a few exta weeks maybe but if they want to get into psn again then they will even if sony uses the best of the best security

  • reko

    true hackers move with the times and mod programs daily. But saying that if sony want to store my information they need to keep infront of these people i,m sure they,ve got the funds to employ people to reprogram or watch the grid for trouble.

    BUT AH…….if sony spoke to there customers ( which is what is really annoying people) we wouldn,t all be here talking bubbles we would know what was going on..

  • Pedro

    I find it doubtful a DDOS attack using LOIC could cause "damage" to a server. Someone's been making stuff up by throwing words together.

  • Matt

    Ok first off.. This attack has nothing to do with Microsoft. Who has an Xbox 360 and a PS3? Ok, some might but it's mostly one or the other. As for what I was doing when PSN was down.. I got sun-burnt in my local park!

  • Dan

    I went an motoed my mx bike all weekend like i do most weekends ……OK you guys dont get it, if SONY was to give a rock soild date on the PSN getting back on ONLINE then have issues that made it so they missed that date all you kids would be crying about it …. the only thing iam worried about is my CC info ….

    Whats even more of a crack up is the kids thinking they should get something for free cuz PSN has been down …… its a free service lmao

  • Dave

    -I agree with all the true Playstation soldiers like myself…………Playstation is either diong this to protect us or offer something better for our gameing experiences! So all the brats complaining (Usually people who did not even pay for their own system) should just sit back and relax or go play xbox live like all the other pussy ass gamers!

  • tony

    I agree its not the psn being down that is pi**ing people off its the lack of information or the lack of respect for the user .I think its about time we heard some truth as to what has gone on and to give us a time scale not a exact date.

  • ARtur

    SKYNET it's on

  • jack

    it's been FIVE days no psn . what people do now switch to xbox ?

  • reko

    and so they should protect us….. oh yes… but i,d prefer to be protected when the system is live. Not once someone has accessed my information..but wait i don,t know if someone has because sony are playing the part of a stage magician… will lots of smoke and mis-direction. Now they say there rebuilding the system.. obviously wasn,t that good in the beginning was it if it needs a total rebuild….tut tut tut. The playstation is the system for the true gamers not 10yr old children playing on a machine they got out of a xmas cracker. so treat your customers like people not children. we don,t need cotton candy and sweets to fluff it up. Thats microsofts style.

  • School & COD

    I wana play mulitiplayer Black ops! on my ps3! not my friend's xbox. I wana try Mortal Kombat online!! on my PS3!! I'm done my exams, school is out. it's spring break… this is just my luck!
    Day 6 and still no info from Sony WTF!