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PSN Outage New Update: Sony Say It Will Be Online Still No ETA

April 25, 2022 | Tim Ollason

So far we have seen a few different reactions to the fact that Sony’s PSN has been down since the evening of Wednesday April 20th the general comments that we have seen are mainly frustration at not being able to play your favorite games over the Easter weekend which is understandable but there’s a much more conservative approach taken by those commenting on the PlayStation blog.

We have already informed you that the unfortunately the network went down on the release day of Mortal Kombat 9, that there are regular updates coming from the PlayStation blog, how Sony are having to completely rebuild the infrastructure also how people are talking about a possibility of a paid secure option. Now we can report that for the PSN outage there’s a new update where Sony say it will be online but still no ETA.

In fact the update from their Sr.Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media man Patrick Seybold who has provided all the updates says that it will be up but there are no available timescales. Many people have been criticizing Sony for their lack of communication but we have seen a few updates from them. Check out what he said word for word below.

Now there are a lot of other things that people are talking about such as being compensated for the downtime. Unfortunately regular users are not entitled to anything as in the warranty that the quality of the network isn’t covered. Some of the things we are wondering about are all those people who use PlayStation plus, a paid service that they are unable to access or people who pay-to-play DC Universe Online.

What do you think will happen here? When do you think the PSN will be back online? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Jim Hurlburt says:

    I worked in tech support management, and we were REQUIRED to keep our customers updated with ETA of repairs and return to service. Most networks such as PSN operate under redundant servers, and many can implement changes without affecting the network uptime. Worlf of Warcraft hosts 10+ million users, and only experiences 12 hour downtime during patches and server maintenance, why can't PSN?
    I currently am waiting for the network to fix so that I may re-download the movies and games from the Playstation Store that I have already paid for. I just traded in my PS3 under its protection plan and was in the process of restoring all my data to the new system when this happened… All my trophies are deleted, I am missing games, movies, and DLCs; I cannot help but wonder if my gaming choice is stable? I am definately tired of hearing my XBox owning friends ask me if I am enjoying my network…

    - Concerned

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