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Is Angry Birds Increasing Global Warming?

April 25, 2022 | Matt Tran

We are well aware that the Angry Birds causes plenty of damage to complex structures and greedy green pigs, but are they causing damage in real life?

The most successful mobile game ever seen may damage your eyesight after a frantic playing session or even your social life in extreme cases; however reports from Platform Nation suggest Rovio’s masterpiece is harming our mother earth. The theory sounds crazy but bare with us and we will explain how John McMahon has broken down the maths in his interesting article, or YouTube video.

The theory assumes that the game is being played on an iPhone 3GS with a 3 hour play time per download. The iPhone consumes 4 Watts when charging, with a full charge requiring 3 hours, giving 12 Watt*hours. The figure being used is 100 million downloads which yields 300 million play time hours. Since the playtime equals a full charge, 100 million full charges have been used for the sole purpose of playing Angry Birds.

So 100 million full charges * 12 Watt*hours = 1.2 million kilowatt*hours (kWh). Then assuming that 1 kilogram of coal = 2 kWh, 600,000 kg of coal is consumed to power Angry Birds. 1 kWh = 2 lbs CO2 produced, so 2,400,000 pounds of CO2 is generated. They estimate that carbon offset companies would charge $30-$50k to offset this.

I think it is an interesting experiment; however Angry Birds has been singled out and is no worse than any other game that is played when using up electricity. I am confident that there are far worse things out there that contribute far more to carbon dioxide emissions than a game of Angry Birds on a smartphone. I think it is safe to say that Angry Birds users will be able to play a little more before the world comes to an end. Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Scottish Sceptic

    What a bizarre criticism of online gaming. Even if you believe in this global warming nonsense (does anyone seriously believe it any longer … come on 60m waves of water, the earth boiling and the absolute imperative to pay people with lots of money and influence to put windmills on their land and then get paid out of our electricity bill which can't be questioned because its not a tax?)

    … even if you believed this nonsense, most people if they didn't play online, would be driving about or watching TV or heaven forbid COOKING! or doing something far more energy consuming than playing a game.

  • naturalclimate

    Well there you have it… We must outlaw Angry Birds before we destroy the planet.

  • alexjc38

    In a way, Angry Birds looks like a good (if simplistic) representation of the climate change battles to come. The green piggies are obviously our light-fingered Green-in-all-but-name governments, influenced by environmental groups, the eggs represent our wealth (collected by said governments to build their under-performing windmills, etc.) and the angry birds are clearly ordinary voters, enraged when they find out how their valuable tax money has been squandered!

  • co2insanity

    Too bad the Angry Birds don't poop on the person who wrote this crap.