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Apple iMac 2011 Release Imminent? Current Stocks Diminish

April 25, 2022 | Debbie Turner

We’ve published several stories recently about the new iMacs for 2011, and reported the speculation of a late April or May arrival after tweets from respected Cnet writer Brian Tong came to our attention. We now hear more news that suggests the 2011 iMac may be appearing imminently as current stocks are diminishing, a sign that newer models are indeed due to be released.

We know from the big response to our previous stories, just how many people can’t wait to get their hands on the new iMac range and previously asked what new features you would like to see and also what price you’d be willing to pay for an improved iMac. Upgrades that we feel are most likely include new Sandy Bridge processors and also the Thunderbolt port that was introduced on the refreshed MacBook Pros in February.

Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac recently reported that in Asia there were severe constraints on current iMac availability and in one region there was no ETA available at all. This would follow the usual pattern for Apple products just before a refresh. Both the iPad and the MacBook Pro were short on stock just before the updates were released. Following that Mark Gurman issued another report to show that in Europe, Apple itself now has limited online supplies of the entry level 21.5-inch iMac, which now shows a 2-day shipping time. Also the 27-inch iMac now shows 3-5 shipping days in Italy.

We reckon this is a pretty good sign for all of you waiting to hear exactly what the new iMac will offer. Meanwhile Kayla Adams over on Gizmo Crunch talks about May 21 being a possible release date for the iMac refresh. Why May 21? Apparently Apple is blocking employee vacation for that weekend. Two possible reasons for that are that it will tie in with the tenth anniversary of the first Apple Store opening and there could be some gigantic sale going on to celebrate. Alternatively the other reason could be for the launch of the new iMac.

Either way, we’d be very surprised if we don’t see the new iMac by the end of May. Are you waiting for the new iMac? What changes would you like to see for the new iMac release? Let us know with your comments.

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  • Tim Gillespie

    What I would like to see:
    - Better Cooling
    - Swappable / Upgradable Video Cards (low profile cards maybe)
    - Max memory up from 16 GB to 24 or 32 GB (Standard DDR3 not laptop memory)
    - eSATA port (although Thunderbolt peripherals should come out to resolve that)
    - Support for more than 1 external monitor / port
    - Accessible USB/Thunderbolt ports on FRONT or from bottom.. I hate that they are in the back.
    - Conform to standard 2560 x 1600, rather than cut off at 2560 x1440 for screen size/resolution.

    Other than that, overall I really do like the form-factor and I love the screen size. No other company that makes an All in One comes close. Biggest I've seen is a 24"

  • jake

    I have been waiting since Feb. i'm at the point where i just might buy the macbook pro because i need a computer now. first i hear march then april now may 21st. I love apple but why do they have to be so secretive all the time.