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Sony PSN Outage Latest Update: Re-Building Infrastructure

April 24, 2022 | Tim Ollason

We at OSM have been keeping up with the latest news surrounding the PSN and what the heck is going on with it. So far we have told you about how there may have been some disappointment for Mortal Kombat fans wishing to bash their friends online because the PSN went down on its release date and also about how the PlayStation blog were providing regular updates.

The next thing we informed you of was the cause of the issues and it’s due to an external intrusion which has prompted many thinking that it’s a reaction to the happenings with GeoHot being dragged through the courts. Anyway we wanted to bring you something else on the Sony PSN outage and that’s the latest update. Sony has to re-build the infrastructure! See the full update below or over on the PlayStation blog.

That would explain why the PSN has been down since the eve of Wednesday 20th and hasn’t come back since. The update from the Sr.Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media has left another update on the PlayStation blog saying that it’s a time consuming task but they have decided it’s worth the time to add in additional security measures. Again they thank us for our patience and are asking for a little more as they continue to try and complete the project.

This has prompted many to start thinking about a paid secure network much like that of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and whilst I’m sure many people will be happy to pay for the service… Many won’t and remember that doesn’t guarantee the network will be up without any problems. One of the selling points for the Sony PS3 is the fact that you don’t have to pay to play online! Fingers crossed that the network comes back soon and with it being more secure.

What have you been doing instead of playing online games on your PS3? Tell us in the comments section below.

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Comments (36)

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  1. playing free games on the my own server and with my own pc.

  2. john says:

    Since the PSN outage, I have doing things I DO NOT WANT TO DO….I am addicted to Black Ops, triple prestige, and…. I AM 63…. go figure….

  3. Alan says:

    cmon, just give a, date when the psn will be back online

  4. UK-0U7C45T-69 says:

    I have been gutted that I cant play my ps3 its a shed load of cash just sat there doin nothin. Fortunatley I also own a 360 with black ops so I have been able to get my fix hope things get better soon so I can get back to other friends in my other world good luck

  5. Stuart says:

    thanks for the update. as for swaping to an x-box god no id rather wait for psn to come back online. yes its anoying but things happen what can we do?

  6. Someone with concern says:

    I have been revising for my exams, But this is the last holiday until the final push, I wanted to play just for the last couple of days, before we go back to school, But it does down, I want Sony to up their game, otherwise I'm turning to Microsoft I'm afraid to say.

  7. tom says:

    i had to take the kids to the beach was not happy, I rented cryisis 2 for the online and it crashed not hpy

  8. ylli says:

    whithout on line play the console its not use to me

  9. Come on its a multi millionaire company! With these very little updates of what actually was going on makes me think if PSN is even worth my time. No we dont have to pay but we do pay for other things which fund Sony. I just think that they could of been doing this a lot faster.

  10. Badass5993 says:

    Hangin wit my freinds. iDont really get on psn that much anyways only whenever im bored or feel like gaming :P

  11. Ryan Haan says:

    umm is there any signs wich tells us what time it'll be up and runinq

  12. Will says:

    I will never pay for PSN. I don't care if others bang on about it would give us more security. I think buying the PS3 was expensive enough, let alone adding another £40 a year. £40 that could be put to better use. Free PSN was the main reason I bought a PS3, and if they make us pay for it, then I might as well go back to my Xbox 360 since I have more games for it.

  13. Joe says:

    Ive had to do my homework since PSN went down. :(

  14. mondeoscotch says:

    "instead of playing online games"? obviously playing offline campaign :-)

  15. Ramo_B9 says:

    i hope its done by tomorrow or tuesday coz im seriously bored of playin outside…

  16. SARGIE75 says:

    A date, a time scale…..anything. Is it going to be back on in an hour, day, week?

  17. jaxs says:

    Gamers are the ones that are going to pay for this stunt. We have already been knocked offline, what's next ? I hope our credit card information was not compromised.

  18. Dan says:

    We have a four-day easter long weekend here. Three days gone psn is still down. This just sucks. I donot see how it is related to whether it is a free service or not. I am using all kinds of “free” service ever day, gmail,facebook, you name it.
    Haven’t seen anything has died so hard.
    Sony is just incompetent keeping psn secure.

  19. jordan ager says:

    THANKS! you saved me i though my PSN had crashed know i know thatnks guys again. :D

  20. Nemesis says:

    Who the he’ll want too pay to play online I sure don’t like many more this isn’t A glich this is Intented to move too that direction they want too make more money which if it happened it’s a great disappointment

  21. Scotty says:

    Please Please Please Sony hurry up :( Broken leg + NO Black OPS = alot of masterbation ! :D

  22. rubber dingy rapdis says:

    cheap skates, iv kneva herd of a company as big as sony going down for more than one day. Sony should give their customers satisfaction and get the network running now. Or they should at least give a precise timescale or date of when the network is due to be back up.

  23. XxBuLlEt-EnRoUtExX says:

    Well all Ive got to say it wont help getting pissed but at most sony can get psn up and at the very least give us a damn expected date that it will be back online

  24. hunter says:

    im bored sick it was my 4th day on ps home when it went down i meet a nice girl and i have been watching tv then every 20 mins i get off to check to see if ps home is working and to check for updates that are not there sony please give us a time on when it will be fixed please fix it and please please UPDATE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. hunter says:

    and sony i dont want to pay to get online cause if i do i will just get a wii or some thing you will lose most of your customers

  26. AlphaWolf says:

    Well about a week before this happend i recieved an email it said from sony could have just been a spam mail but it said we would have to start paying for PSN starting Apr.15. Thats probably whats happening there using this hacker shit as a way to say they have to tighten security on their server so they can start charging us to play. think about it if they charged everybody $50 a year, (thats what microsoft charges)dont sound like much to a single person and most people would pay it to play, times that by how many people play online your talking millions if not billions a year their losing by letting us play free! I would bet money thats whats happening!

  27. Stan says:

    Yea psn really needs to step up im tired of waiting already

  28. Un biased says:

    I have so much fun playing my fps games online!!! I love it!!. Sure its down for a short time now but it will be up again soon!!! GIVE SONY A BREAK you haters. Time to show a little appreciation for an out standing FREE Service.

  29. guest says:

    i had an xbox 360 before my sony and the reason i got rid of was due to paying an online subscription, if sony decide to do this then they'll be loosing another customer, the wii is doing ok and i never play the thing. Wouldn't be so bad if you can put your own security stuff on it, Think again sony what you are actually doing!!!!

  30. Liam says:

    Well, I've just been playing BORDERLANDS with my lil bro splitscreen (: I'm currently waiting patiently for the servers to come back on 'cause i just got BORDERLANDS a day before PSN was turned off, and im already on my 2nd playthrough :D I haven't even tried online yet D:

  31. Payney says:

    its only a games console, not the end of the world. Go out and play with real friends, you could even buy a football and get some fresh air. It will be back soon, so make the most of your time without it!

  32. Nicholass says:

    i miss play modern warfair 2 on line :'(

  33. Shanice Shaunte' Jefferson says:

    breathe people. go out and hang with your girlfriend, in which you probably never gave a thought. its spring, gorgeous skies and weather. sony is doing their best. for those who appreciate their work send them a letter. thats what i did. its:
    P.O. Box 5888
    San Mateo, California
    I had told them thank yall for the hard work and they said they really really appreciate the feedback .

  34. it will be back up hopefully after a week begining from 26/4 so it should be back up again on may 3 or 4 sony is rebuilding the whole psn system again guys this usually take months to complete and they are working as fast as they could. be patient..

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