Google Simplifies Their Video To YouTube Transfers

We brought you the news that Google are set to shut down their video service, and that all users with content uploaded to the site should back it up, as all videos will be deleted. To avoid frantic salvaging of old videos, Google has listened to its users and made an easy way to transfer them to their other video site YouTube.

Google Simplifies Their Video To YouTube Transfers

Luckily there are 2 ways are transferring your videos, the first being courtesy of Google who are “working to automatically migrate your Google Videos to YouTube”, Mashable has reported. The second way to move your content is with the “Upload Videos to YouTube” option that Google has added. The video is simply transferred from your Google account to your YouTube account.

Google has sent all of their video users an email, stating that these options have been created due to feedback, after it was announced that video playback would not be resumed after the 29th April. We understood that the cut off point would be on the 13th May; however the new date of April 29th has been eliminated for the convenience of users.

It is good to see Google helping their video users; however it would have made sense to just automatically migrate all content to YouTube with the permission of the video user. The closure of Google Video was inevitable after the success story of YouTube, there was just no place for it in the end. Have you managed to transfer all of your old Google videos up to YouTube yet with their easier tools? Let us know in the comments.

  • John Z Wetmore

    I have 150 episodes of my series "Perils For Pedestrians" on Google Video. The Google videos are under a different name than the Google account that is linked to my YouTube account. It isn't easy to get past all the help menus to get in touch with someone who might be able to help me deal with this issue.