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Apple Overtakes Google In 1st Quarter Profit: Over 3 Billion

April 24, 2022 | Matt Tran

With Apple’s long line of big selling products, you would expect their profits to grow every year. This repeating trend has continued, with first quarter income going through the roof.

It seems that with Apple’s annual launch of a new gadget, naturally it sparks a rise in revenue. The iPad caused Apple’s profits to sky-rocket, which has even surpassed that of Google’s 1st quarter earnings. Steve Jobs and his team raked in a massive $3.6 billion profit for the 1st 3 months of 2011, with the sale of 18.65 million iPhones, 4.69 million iPads, 9.02 million iPods and 3.76 million Macs, it has been reported by Cnet.

We reported to you a little over a week ago that Google’s 1st quarter profits stood at $2.3 billion, which was also a large increase; however their costs rose to $2.84 billion which is concerning. Google make a large portion of their money from advertising, where Apple sell their products through their wide range of stores and just about every electronics retailer there is. It will be very interesting to see the numbers at the end of the year after the iPhone 5′s launch.

On a slightly negative note, Apple’s iPad sales fell below the expected figure of 6.5 million units, with a still impressive figure of 4.7 million being shifted instead. It has been predicted that Apple’s firm grip on the tablet market will last until 2015, where Android will rise up and challenge for supremacy. Leave us your thoughts on Apple’s success and how the year will end for them.

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