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Sony PSN Outage Update: External Intrusion The Cause

April 23, 2022 | Tim Ollason

Oh dear Sony, a few days with no access to the PSN and already people are struggling to hide their anger at not being able to feed their Call of Duty addictions! To be fair to them there has been a few updates on the PlayStation Blog letting everyone know what stage they are at.

We first reported that it was a bit of a bad day for it to start as it was the launch day of the new Mortal Kombat 9 game but luckily this sort of game isn’t too heavily based around online play. There was a second report added to let you know the PlayStation blog has been providing regular updates on the situation and now we have just heard more about the Sony PSN Outage in an update, external intrusion is the cause!

Bad news for Sony as it seems Skynet has begun infiltration… Just kidding, the fact that the network has been compromised means that Sony is going to have to conduct a full thorough investigation. The update on the PlayStation blog mentions that they are doing all they can to resolve the situation quickly and are thanking you for your patience.

The fact that the network is still down will undoubtedly lead to further taunting from the Xbox 360 players who are sitting on their sofas happily shooting each other on Black Ops but what it will make you do is play those offline campaigns or perhaps get out of the house a bit more!

Could this be the work of a hacker group protesting against the actions Sony has taken against GeoHot? We hope that the juicy details are released when the issues are fixed. What will you do instead of playing your PlayStation online? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Comments (50)

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  1. Jai Prosor says:

    get my fat ass outside and do the next best thing to ps3 FOOTBALL !!!!

    • Ion says:

      Why do we always need to be on PSN anyways to play online games? Direct TCP/IP connection would be another option, why is that not provided?

  2. maria says:

    I hope Sony find who is responcible and gives them hell. For us gamers, some are more furious than others, me personally am just going to wait and keep an eye on when it comes back on :)

  3. qwerty says:

    ive glued my eyes on the net waiting for sum1 to say that it is working now..been doin this for about 2 days now not fair

  4. Matt says:

    I think that Sony should give compensation to every psn user

    • Jamie says:

      That clearly won't work, seeing as they would like to still be in business. Giving compensation to every psn user is like throwing a steak in to a large tank of piranas to try and stop them eating you. It's not going to be very effective, as there wasn't much to give them, and you just remembered that you needed that steak as dinner tonight and that you are now going to have to go without. They can't give this compensation; it won't work.

    • Freekill says:

      maybe not every use considering it is a free to use service but they should do something for PlayStation Plus users considering they have to pay and they are not getting there moneys worth atm

    • Skidmark aids cake says:

      Lool. Do you know how much that would cost? Sony would be close if not fully bankrupt.

    • custardSlice says:

      Idiot Hackers got into the system dont be stupid serious…….a few days off wont hurt anyone

  5. Krs says:

    I remember a time when gamers were happy with offline ps1/2 content. I used to play fifa manager mode for hours. I don't think i have even played offline fifa for 3 years now!

  6. Wolf says:

    For what? Its a bloody free service. If you pay for Playstation+ , DC Universe ect then maybe depending how long they are offline.

    It isn't sonys fault and they are victims as much as we are .

  7. Anonymous says:

    Tis unfair for you Sony gamers, yes Xbox 360 gamer not here to taunt, but I feel that Sony should have released information about what has been occurring sooner.

    There could be other suspicions is it truly a "external intrusion". Its understandable it could be because of anonymous taking revenge for geohot etc. but there could be a chance that they're just trying to make a bigger case out of the whole situation… Most unlikely but I love me my conspiracy theorys :D
    But it does make me wonder why they'd take revenge like this a lot of anonymous do have PS3's themselves and don't particularly want to bring Sony down but just enjoy online like everyone else, I mean the vidya isn't too happy…

  8. kong says:


  9. John says:

    Well I ain’t to bothered il continue to masturbate about Kate Middleton seeing as iv got nothing else to do

  10. Michael says:

    I bought my ps3 a week ago, psn down for 4 days. great first impression psn.

  11. sky says:

    Ok this is getting annoying, not being able to sneak up to quickscopes and plant a claymore just behind them or building my squad on ultimate team. But hey its free but they could of let everyone know. The good thing is i have started playing my games that i got for christmas lol

    Hope it gets sorted soon guys, take care.

  12. ThatGuyOverThere says:

    Praystation so ronery. D:

  13. bob says:

    i think its good, im a rough gamer, but most of the gamers have no life outside there consoles, so go out, enjoy the weather or something

  14. Ethan says:

    I’m sat here with all my games and i have no idea what 2 play because it is either a mainly online game or i’m trying 2 get trophies on it. I cant go online and i cant get trophies. They better fix it soon or i might just curl up into a ball and cry!

  15. kenni26 says:

    i have a psn plus account , and they better sort out compensation 4 a service i pay 4

  16. Bob says:

    I am pissed because they shut the server off on the weekend i stay up allnight

  17. ThatGuyOverThere says:

    Praystation so ronery. D:

  18. snake says:

    When i first herd that the hackers had issues with sony i thought well ya sounds like a good argument. Then you F#@!ed me and i can't play. I mean seriously hacking in come on sony will still be rich tomorrow and will be the one who's lost so thank you. keep up the good work (sarcasm) not finding an unhacked room in MW2 is so cool.

  19. four20boys says:

    im a little annoyed with how sony has handled this but at the same time i dont blame sony. to be honest i dont think it will be up and running anytime soon ….. please prove me wrong sony

  20. shady says:

    better go cut the grass outside an then paint my room, being wanting to do that for a long time tho ,never got the chance…i wonder wat was the cause

  21. smhawk1 says:

    I frikkin love cod bo I live in south africa an we currently have no school due to holidays I was about to go to prestige lvl 7 …how do u think I feell sony

  22. Craig says:

    Im going to the fair ;D

  23. Joey says:

    I'm a soldier in Iraq and I got THREE consecutive days off! This has never happened, and during this off-chance that it does, PSN is hacked. This is teh gay-lame sauce :'( but I understand and will be patient! WE MUST PERSEVERE! Or play xbox.

  24. sledgeysledge says:

    well with all the chaos there is one good outcome in all this… my girlfriend is happy!

  25. mark says:

    come on sony get your arses in gear! i want to kick some butt on black ops! 4 days is taking the piss if you ask me. its not n.a.s.a

  26. bebe says:

    Hey Sony, my wife loves you!!!!

  27. Yall are retarded. says:

    Seriously now, it sucks that we can't play online, but it's not that big of a deal. If you think this is the first time a video game network has been down for 3 days, you're on crack. The Playstation is still a superior system to the shit box in every imaginable way. I'd rather have 3 days of downtime every now and again than be forced to pay 50 bucks a year just to use the online services. Online services that will go down from time to time as well. This is not Sony's fault. Just play a single player game. If you have nothing in video gaming outside playing a sub par shooter online (BLACK OPS), then maybe you should just quit and leave gaming to the talented players like myself. Rant over.

    • Hoppo says:

      not all true. Xbox's services are worth the yearly fee, and I mean come on its about 4 hours minimum wage a year for god sake. I will say PS3 does work alot more smoothly though.

    • jlamb says:

      OH no 50 bucks!!!! I spend more money at McDonalds. A superior system? OK thats why it came out late and its network went down>>>>>>

  28. MIDNITE-TOKER57 says:

    tokin up more often. in itself is a good thing. on the other hand good thing its only a game network & not a nuclear tipped cruise missle command portal. KEEP ON TOKIN EITHER WAY. NO WORRIES.

  29. MIDNITE-TOKER57 says:

    give me a break!!!!!!! you are censoring my comment & u cant keep hackers from compromising your network. talk about having priorities misplaced. THE TOKER IS OUTTA HERE

  30. The dude... says:

    I miss my BFBC1!!!!!! ugh

  31. Hoppo says:

    I've got an Xbox aswell so I'm fine :)

  32. XboxIs4PoorPple says:

    imma jack off till the psn comes back on. i dnt giv a fk tho. games these days suk. insept 4 mw2. fk blk cocks that game is gay as fk. and so is cheap $100 xbox 360. ps3 is still expensive cause its the best. 360 is already 100 bucks. thats 4 poor pple. teehee.

    • Emperor Rosko says:

      Hmmm, firstly what does "insept" mean? Are u 5 years old? And do your parents know you are online after 9pm? Xbox is for poor people, mate the xbox has dropped in price so much because they have sold millions upon millions of them, i have both systems so not that bothered but i just got socom 4 on friday and the bullshit PSN is down!! The free service stinks, there is literally no community on PSN, a playstation 3 is for ppl who are lone rangers, no one ever speaks to each other online, but thats down to the fact, the playstation that "only does everything" doesnt come with a simple headset, instead u have to buy a premium set or look like a complete taxi driver knob head with a shit bluetooth monstrosity hanging off your ear, good thing i have Astros! Sony should have released a statement on Friday at the latest explaining to their customers what is going on, but nothing, nada!! microsoft post on the dashboard whenever Live is going down for maintenance and it never takes over a day! But i guess thats because Microsoft are a professional computer specific company, not a jack of all trades like Sony, yet they are a master of none!!!

  33. DEPTHCHARGE69 says:

    I was able to finish 3 games and get get some closure on a couple of campaigns. I am kinda grateful for the break. I also am taking the time to brush up on my headshots… I be waiting for y'all when psn goes back online.

  34. dan says:

    psn is back on w00p w00p!

  35. brandin says:

    sony should give us some new features while there fixing this

  36. jlamb says:

    I guess I'm going to sit here and play my XBOX LIVE! Taunting? Hell yeah! BOO HOO…….. Good for the PSN. Now you know why I pay for my service!!!

  37. Jonas says:

    Now I have no Life!!!!!!!

  38. Sam Forrest says:

    Matt its not sony's fault and your an idiot to think it is its anonymous who have hacked in to psn and they are wanting a little revenge due to the geohot scandel if you can call it that. however does anonymous know that all they are doing is not angering sony but mearly the gamers who use PSN anonymous are barking up the wrong tree and are only making enemys for themselves. Anonymous you need to think before you act you bunch of 12 year olds and as for you George Hotz sony have got you and are going to sue the arse off you. You were lucky with apple but sony are much more ruthless. Anonymous and George Hotz you have created 75 million PSN users to turn against you and pesonally i think to use a Black ops simile is like throwing a semtex and then running into the room you threw it into.

  39. bebe says:

    it's amazing, my bitchy wife is all sweet and happy, thank you Sony!!!….

  40. bebe says:

    now that you have the time…..relax, take your time ….walk….to your bank…, check your account…., have a new credit or debit card ordered…,.by the time your new card gets there psn will be up!!

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