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Sony PSN Outage Repercussions: Secure Network Paying Option?

April 23, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

Since Wednesday 20th April until now, Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN) has been down, the cause? As Tim here at OSM reported early this morning, “an external intrusion into Sony’s system” in other words the service looks like its been hacked into from outsiders.

Unfortunately there is still no word as to when the service, now some 3 days into it, will be safely up and running? As expected comments have been pouring onto OSM with many of you feeling nothing but disappointment, especially since it first went down on the release of the new Mortal Kombat 9 game and with this weekend being that of Easter, many people are no doubt off work and had plans to have a good gaming session! This it seems was the feeling from a huge number of you including Rachel King over at who herself wanted to take full advantage of the next few days playing games and streaming movies from Netflix and Hulu Plus.

As well as the pure frustration felt by many gamers globally with firstly the pure silence from Sony as to the outage problem(s) there is as Gary over at PR News stated, the yearly subscription cost that Microsoft Xbox 360 gamers have to pay out to play the games online. The service as he states gives nowhere near as much downtime as the PS3 does so as he quite rightly asked the question, should people pay for a more secure network option?

If Sony delved into this very option and decided to run with it, would there be any guarantees that in fact PS3 owners wouldn’t themselves experience the same sort of downtime. So it begs the question of would you, yourself be happy paying for a more secure PSN?

Tell us how you are coping with the Sony PSN outage? Would you pay for a more secure PlayStation Network? What are your thoughts on Sony’s way of handling the situation? Should they reimburse gamers?

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Comments (68)

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  1. Jeanettte says:

    I think That sony should be giving us more updates, then what they r doing now…….This is retarded three and a half days with no gaming…I know there is more to life than gaming but it feels like I have lost a loved one,lol

    • incommunicado says:

      Yep, same. I appreciate them disabling network access while they work out how the hackers got in so they can patch their systems to keep them out.

      However, it would be nice to get a statement from Sony giving an ETA for the network being back online so we can plan our gaming time accordingly. "A day or two" is not good enough. If I said that to my boss about a critical outage and didn't deliver by day 3 - with no communication back to him - I'd be fired.

    • Colin says:

      The truth of the matter is that Sony has been deceiving it’s “loyal” customers from day one. First it was simple maintenance. Then it’s was possible hack. Now only days into this do they admit it was a hack. Why not just be honest and tell us what’s what. The truth is that we all better get use to no PSN cause it’s not coming back anytime soon. Plan on weeks not days kids!!!

  2. DOGGER says:

    $20 a year wouldn't bother me for a membership, I think $60 a year(Xbox) is a little steep and a money grab by Microsoft.

    • Xiel says:

      $60 would be fine if it would provide better quality and remove the monthly fee for games such as DCU Online and the Final Fantasy Online games.

      He’ll if they did that, I’d pay $80 ( sure they’d lose money on me cause DCUO alone is $10-$15/month, but if everyone payed it, they’d make more money, and people wouldn’t shy away from the MMOs)

      • Colin says:

        Why should we pay now? I bought PS3 instead of of Xbox because of free online gaming. It’s Sony’s fault for not caring to provide PSN with the most rudimentary security system. A twelve year old could have hacked it and many have (ever played COD and seen the mod-ers playing). It’s Sony that should be paying us back for our Netflix or Q-riosity accounts. I wish people like you would stop talking like we should pay for a service that Sony promised us when we forked out $300 for it. It’s like buying a car and then being told that months after our purchase we had to pay a monthly fee to keep the airbags working.

  3. anon says:

    were free were anon watch this space

  4. Matt says:

    BLAISE got first! I can't believe it!! OMG!! Well done! That's one to tell the grand-kids - you're a hero…
    …moving on, it's nice that Sony provide the service for free but at what cost to us? I agree with DOGGER, a small fee would be acceptable if it would guarantee quality of service. Maybe on different levels - they shouldn't get rid of free access but maybe offer a few extras more for a small yearly fee? Somewhere between free and PS+?

  5. Blaise nice comment!! LOL just to be the first b+tch! Well nice article! And comments on video.

  6. Spartan says:

    For not having to pay for online gaming like XBox gaming with Microsoft, and the service that PSN gives, I believe seeing as this is one of the few times it has had this type of hiccup we can cope. As a hard core COD player I’ll give them a break at PSN and look forward to return of going back on line. But an update on the progress of fixing the problem would be great.

    • oh4awesome says:

      You got that right! Apparently Sony are rebuilding their online infrastructure! I'm sure this can't be done in 3 days! Hopefully the rebuild will not only stop the hackers, but make online gaming a more enjoyable experience! I'm sick of hackers!!! These arrogant twats, just ruin it for others!!!

    • Colin says:

      We won’t be playing COD anytime soon. Maybe a month or two if ever at this rate.

  7. Alex says:

    Sony were thinking once about making people pay to play, but instead introduced Playstation Plus. They realised and stated in a conference that having a free PSN is what makes the Playstation special, different and what it is.
    If they did start charging though, yes I would pay.

  8. ANON says:


    • joel says:

      and exactly what r ur demands?? and what r u saving us from anyway??? all WE want to do is play online__????__

    • Colin says:

      Sony won’t ever do that. All they will do is reconfigure their system and then charge us to access it like Xbox Live. I’m a disabled veteran who actually paid for your freedom with parts of my body and blood. Who are you freeing. I’m more or less homebound now and you are doing a really good job of making it a prison for me. Do me a favor and attack North Korea or something.

  9. brandin says:

    they should make psn payed service but give features like cross game chat

    • Colin says:

      Why should we pay for something promised to be free to us. That is what Sony wants to hear. I’m not paying and neither should you dork.

  10. Stuart says:

    do they not think we pay enough as it is? maybe if they lowered the price of there games then i my self wouldnt mind paying a annual fee to play on a secure service but personaly i think there already grabbing more money than they deserve. (only my opinion) as for the outage im sure Sony are doing everything they can to make it more sucure.we mite be losing online time but there losing wages.

  11. RaZzZ says:

    All everybody wants is that Sony states when psn is back online because i cba to wait 3+ days just to sign in on psn -_-

    • Colin says:

      It can’t because they won’t be able to get it back up without scrapping the entire network and starting over with a completely new one built from the ground up and only accessed with an external update via cd. Mark these words it will be weeks if ever that this network will be up again

  12. rawrs says:

    thats the day of the new fast and furious movie so tough luck having me notice yet another outage provoked by anon

  13. Fushman says:

    I’d be more than happy to pay for a service off Sony that matchs that of xbox coz let’s face it. The money that xbox receive ( all be it not all of it ) goes back into maintenance improvements and paying off the big companies like activision to have updates for games earlier than that of psn. And it’s been great havin it for free for a while but it’s it’s major downfall and it needs a major boost.

  14. scared........ says:

    shut up ur ur jus som excess person pretending ur a haker IM SO SCARED………………ohhh………..

  15. Aaron says:

    I think any current PS3 users should get a 3-month membership to start.
    Then, $15-$30 a year for PSN.

  16. Xandra says:

    Cannot activate new PSP…old one broken. Screwed for thousands of dollars worth of games. Will sue Sony to give me all my money back for everything i purchased. I did not pay for temporary-owned games where i could have bought the UMD instead to permanently own them. Since i obviously cannot play the games on my non-activated PSP, this is theft.

  17. i would pay a very very low fee but that's it. if it was too expensive, i'd just have to stop playin ps3 online games

  18. ANON says:


    • Colin says:

      Why not screw Xbox guys. I’m a disabled vet who’s gets some joy from playing games online. I am more or less home bound now so give me a break and hit Microsoft instead

  19. Darren says:

    If they offer a payed service I’ll get an xbox cos there online is way better

  20. ... says:

    ANON needs to get a life, and grow the hell up. PSN needs to update but you can still access netflix by continuing into each next menu when it asks you to put in your username it will load and then ask and when it doesn't work it will load the next page until you are in the movie menu and can start up films

  21. I hate anon says:

    Piss off anon. Can’t you see the whole world hates you? You’re wasting your time hacking Sony and ruining peoples easter. You are like the grinch who stole Christmas…… But Easter instead. If you don’t stop hacking, I will personally go over to your Nan’s grave, spit on it, dance on it, then the 70 million people who have psn, including myself, will shit on your lawn. Understood? Now stop wasting your life hacking, and go and get a life….. Nerd!

  22. N2es says:

    I Don't like the Idea of PAY to play online!!! I just hope PSN its not doing this just to get the Momey

  23. Blueyedevil83 says:

    I think whoever is responsible is a total dushe bag. Like really, who do you think is going to suffer? Certainly not Sony. It’s a free network dummy. It’s the people, the gamers who are denied entertainment. Sure your happy to be super computer smart- but what about the people who just want to play games online with our friends. Now we can’t. And, in addition - Sony is probably going to make us pay to play online now. So I hope your happy. I really do. Because I’ll bet that if you work solo, and not for competitive industry - you probably have 0 real friends. Not one real person that knows your real name - who actually gives a crap. Bravo,… Bravo

  24. N2es says:

    No, I don't like to pay to play online!!

  25. Blueyedevil83 says:

    The reallity, however: sadly- is that you most likely work for playstation. And this is all a scam to get us to pay for the online service. By the way. This still makes you a dushe bag - dushe bag

  26. nickcruz says:

    They only hack on the best!

  27. ANON says:

    No we won't

  28. Don One says:


  29. exel says:

    challenge lobby any 1lol now u cryyyyyyy a river

  30. matthew says:

    why would ppl wanna hack/attack a network?

  31. Wut says:

    I already paid £200 for my ps3 I’d suspect a multi billion $ company to already have the most advanced security, so no I would not pay for a subscription unless it’s £10 for year.

  32. Dj.flip says:

    That’s the damn difference between Sony and Microsoft. Hinge is the very reason I have a ps3 so I can game for free I ain’t paying for sh?$ just so I have more security that when I get home from work the network will be up and running.!!!!!!

  33. Blazin Storm says:

    PSN must have a back up of their network files and so a clean reboot could have taken place days ago. I think, like many others that Sony are taking their time over this, sothat they CAN put a charge on the PSN as they have so many free subscribers. A Subcription fee is in the pipeline, but that won't stop hackers from hijacking the system. That's what they do!!!

  34. kstaple says:

    WHHHHHYYY!! come on Sony and fix this garbage. Fix the security loophole. Some PSN $ would be nice as a refund for the inconvenience of ALL PSN GAMERS. And dont make us pay for Internet Gaming. If sony starts charging, Gamers will just move onto newer cheaper systems. Computer gaming could start up and that only helps microsoft. PLEASE KEEP OUR GAMING NETWORK FREE!

  35. Honeybadger86 says:

    The reason I’m proud of my Playstation is the superior graphics and the fact I don’t get ripped off with extras like Xbox, surely this was always going to be a threat….? Why weren’t measures already in place!? I feel utterly let down by Sony, supposed leaders in technology I also had online project to finish once and for all, lol. Anyway hope they feel very embarrassed about the situation and learn from it or… Going to change… Never thought I’d say that but this has annoyed the he’ll out of me! Oh well back to the linear offline stuff… Sigh

  36. No. I like psn because it is free. Only problem im having is they are not giving updates. Its like a country waging war and not telling the parents of dead soldiers they died. ok little harsh, but point taken, i hope. u get wat u pay for, if it has to go down, oh well. but they should tell whats happening.

  37. on-line play is first for most gamers,personally i think the publishers like EA, ACTIVISION, should be contributing to the cost of a more secure connection i dont mind a £1 or two going on the price of a game i may buy 5 or 6 games a year so £10 to £12 toward a more secure connection is ok,we dont want sony to charge for psn thats one of the perks ps3 has,iv had an xbox and simply dont like it,playsteation is king,and i look forward to getting back on line and playing cod

    • Colin says:

      Actually EA gave me a $20 credit at their online store when their servers went don’t for only a day and then only account info. You could still play while they fixed issue. Why doesn’t Sony do the same. I think they owe me at least that much!!! Sony can afford to pay for a half assed security system!

  38. Gemma Adams says:

    I think your articles need to stop with the paying for PSN crap. Seriously. You're begging for a rumour to start up. Let SONY decide if that's the action they wish to take in the future. Stop hinting towards it because it's not going to happen!

    Also, to all you people complaining about "not being able to game"? PLAY OFFLINE. That still works. It's not like it's going to be down forever. So quit bitching that Sony is doing it all wrong - THEY'RE the experts on what's wrong, and are trying to fix it - NOT you!

    And Anon, if you guys ARE responsible… Hope you're happy with yourselves, and that you guys get dragged through the courts. You've ruined this weekend for millions of people, and for what? Because some fool broke the law and went through the courts? Jeese. Not very clever.

  39. MAD says:

    I personally like psn because its free and very fun but this outage ruined this easter weekend for me :(

  40. Ty says:

    Psn needs to stay free I believe that’s why all of us have it fuck xbox , it would be so sweet to have like a war 360 v ps3 in like every game expessically black ops (:

    • Xiel says:

      Cross platform servers would be kick ass, but it won’t happen…

      And I still say if we need to Pay for PSN, I’d do it. So long as it also covers the costs for games like DC Universe Online, Final Fantasy Online, and any other Massive Multiplayer Online Game that may be released in the future.

      • Colin says:

        It would be technically very easy to set up cross platform gaming networks. However the legal and financial issues are the real problem. It would fall upon the individual game designers servers running a translation filter but I doubt that Microsoft would ever jump onboard with something like that. For the same reasons why there is seperate Droid and iPhone apps. It’s about market share and not anything else. If Xbox and PS3 sold for the same price and every game did too. Then maybe cross platform gaming would become a reality.

        We won’t see PSN back up anytime soon. And perhaps never again it’s current configuration and specs. I fear that Sony will be charging us before we see a PSN again!!!

    • WadeWilson says:

      Times like these remind why I love my 360 SOOOO much more than my PS3. I actually manufacture the chips for both systems, and PS3 is mos def overrated. I'll take my 360 any day of the week over a PS3.

      • Colin says:

        I have had both systems I gave Xbox to son cause I hate it I wouldn’t say it’s way better and if you make chips for both then you would know that the guts of PS3 has way better hardware. Even the government were buying them up to use guts for other things. And if you are talking evil Microsoft tops list of demonic corporations.

  41. angry aussie says:

    just out of curiousity does anyone know when/if full version of new mortal kombat will be available on psn or xbox live. I am in australia game is banned,we are the only country in the modern world not to have an 18+ RATING for games yet all the SAW movies are available and are MA 15+.Our government is stupid and 30 years behind the times (they think people still only play sonic and mario and games are only for kids and it's a phase and once you hit 13 you are meant to grow out of it) I cheated to get access to demo (i said i was from USA) there was no age verification so a 10-13 kid would of been able to go on psn and get the demo bypassing what our retarded aussie government is trying to stop.So yeah can't buy game legally in australia so if anyone knows when it comes out on psn or xbox live info would be greatly appreciated thanks and i would pay if i had to i just wouldn't be happy about it considering the crap going on now with the $10-15 fee for and online code to play a game you have just forked out $100-$120 australian dollars for all they are doing is telling people to buy a pc and pirate the hell out of games and just stop going online at the end of the day one things rings true with all governments of the world FREEDOM WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE THROUGH DEATH!

  42. WadeWilson says:

    I bought a PSP go the same day this happened. I really, really, really wish I hadn't because now it's useless, and Sony isn't going to have the network up anytime soon, as they just reported. Also, I pay to play DCUO, so I wonder if they're going to refund my money because I'm paying for nothing…really just a lot of bullshit, and reinfoces why I love my 360 SOOOO much more than my PS3.

  43. Get a life, Anon…or apply for job in Sony :)

    Btw. I'll pay for playing online - if I get games for free.

  44. HATE ANON says:

    And your all whiny lil bitches. Who thinks that people owe you something. Freaking geeks and nerds who never got no love from your parents and only got a casio calculator watch for xmas. Grow up NERDS and let us have are fun back and you guys go jerk off to soft porn.

  45. Mikemare says:

    Dude stfu and go die -.-

  46. fuk ANON says:

    shut your shit ya fukin geek tryin to be anon haha go fukin cry to mammy ya tose pot

  47. i812b8 says:

    we all figured this was a ploy to come up w a charge and HELL NO i wont subscribe

  48. exel says:

    big up the hacks linux loldont mess

  49. overlyDramatic says:

    No problem, most of us will be at work that day.

  50. Colin says:

    You are probably right. Sony has been deceiving us from day one. They had a crappy security system in place inviting hackers to shut it down so they could employ their desires to charge fees. It smacks of the Pearl Harbor conspiracy theories.

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