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iPhone 5 Replica Spotted: Radical Styling Shows Changes

April 23, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

With Apple’s iPhone 5 still believed to be making an entrance during the month of September, the rumors keep on coming. Just yesterday Tim here at OSM spoke about a prototype of a iPhone 5 (4S) incorporating the A5 processing chip inside which could be compared to that of the iPad 2, which in turn would make the handset’s CPU up in speed leading to the graphics also becoming quicker. Today the news is of a mock-up which has been spotted courtesy of Engadget including new and existing rumored specs, which on looking them totally contradict the news from the other day when we heard that only slight changes would be made to the iPhone 5.

On looking at the appearance of the so-called next gen, the first thing to note is that it sports a thinner, teardrop-shaped, tapered look with a possible metal backing, which actually could represent the look of the iPod Touch as oppose to its predecessor, the iPhone 4. In terms of display, the 3.5-inch display seen on the current iPhone 4 may be upped on the 5 to a bigger 3.7-inch, whilst as AppleInsider via “This is my ” stated keeping the same 960 x 640 resolution which in turn would fall in line with Apple‘s retina display. As well as this, the screen may be taken out to the edges which in turn will move the earpiece and sensors to as stated “behind the screen itself.”

One of the biggest changes that we can see is that of the home button which has increased in size and will possibly now give a “gesture area,” other possibilities now include a change with the use of “bonded glass technology,” along with a new Qualcomm Gobi chipset giving added support for GSM and CDMA versions.

Although only rumor, one key feature that seems to keep cropping up is that of the introduction of Near Field Communication (NFC) therefore making the payment of purchases easier with a new swipeable action.

We have to stress that these are only rumors, and on receiving any further news to this, we will pounce on it and let you know.

Give us your thoughts on the mock-up above? Out of the specs listed, what would you like to see on the new iPhone 5? We are interested on what our readers thoughts are in regards to how the new handset will pan out?

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  • Jamie

    Why not credit the site who made the mock-up? It's from

  • Bob

    I heard it's gunna be 4G

  • raf

    No i don’t think it’ll look like that from the front, but they might curve the back. I really like the silver rim I hope that stays! But if the screen is slightly bigger and it has the same display as retina on 3.5″ screens, then surely the pixel density will be not quite as good, meaning bad!

  • paul

    It's the IPT 5G, not the iPhone 5, folks!