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PSN Still Down: PlayStation Blog Provides Regular Updates

April 22, 2022 | Tim Ollason

For all of you angry PlayStation fans who were hoping to play some COD Black Ops yesterday, today and perhaps over the next few days. There have been rumors that this outage was caused by hackers that wished to compromise the network although there’s no evidence of this yet.

We also reported on this yesterday especially because it was the release date of the new Mortal Kombat 9 game, luckily the majority of the gameplay is offline but those of you who wanted to fight your friends would have struggled without PSN access. Unfortunately the PSN is still down although the PlayStation blog provides regular updates to all its readers.

Being Easter weekend this couldn’t have come at much of a worse time. The latest update from the PlayStation blog was posted by Patrick Seybold, the Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media where he says that they are still investigating the cause of the Network outage and that it may be a full day or two before they are able to get the service up and running again. He also mentions that they would like to thank you for your patience with this.

The longer the network outage lasts the more frustrated PlayStation 3 gamers will become but hopefully people’s Call of Duty addictions can be put to one side for a weekend. We will update you about the outage should anything else be mentioned so keep an eye out.

What do you think the cause of the network outage is? Are you missing your favorite online games? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • djspinz001

    i think its rediculous they dont have any sort of backup system an also are my credentials safe with sony or not?

  • aaron hill

    so much revenue but such incolence of duration for gamers whom have paid through the nose for the games and consoles

  • http://Psn Danny Coles

    I think that the worry is our security regarding our info, not to mention the open contests. We have shown loyalty by buying into Sony tech and not complaint about the prices but will they even offer up some sort of compensation for being down this long a free game, even a free playstation plus membership or some free credit should be offered as a goodwill gesture to show that were not just taken for granted it would go a long way towards bridging the gap between constant drops in the network and unstable connections also it would smooth over any possible people of switching back or going to join Xbox community

  • http://Psn April Coles

    I’m wondering if I did the right thing by joining the ps3 gamers and not going down the Xbox route. In our house we have 3 ps3′s one in both mine and my dad’s bedroom and one we all share in the frontroom so imagine our frustrations now. Come on Sony and PS3 show us your as committed to us as we have been to you even through all the dropped networks we constantly experience as this latest one well need I say more compensate us show us your commitment to us as we have to you!

  • Glen

    The Hacking has been done by Microsoft another cheap low blow to get more sales on the xbox

  • Tate

    free cedit??? wtf are you crying for the psn is FREE!!!! you still have all the games youve bought and you still have your console working. why would they give you credit for a service they offer for FREE!!! quit crying and finish a few story modes once or twice.

  • za rob guy

    this is a bad time for this to happen :( for this, I would like some kind of reward for waiting!

  • New2PS3

    Your reward for waiting is patience. I too am disapointed as I traded in 2 old 360s for a new PS3. I was a solid patron of xbox live and never had this kind of bother with online gaming. It was worth the few quid a year if it means quality of service.
    I don't want compensation for a free service. But with any service I would like a garauntee this is going to be a one off fault and that my usernames and passwords are safe.
    I work in IT and I do feel sorry for those poor engineers that are working the holiday weekend to get this fixed for us. Well, I hope they are working!

  • Josh Tlg Williams

    they need to solve it i NEED!!! to play my game before i got go bak work takin the piss now really are!!