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Nintendo Wii 2 Introduces “Screen Stream” Technology Controllers

April 22, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

With Sony’s PS3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 going from strength to strength with their additions of PS Move and Kinect, Nintendo must have been starting to feel a little left out. So to combat the onslaught from their competitors, Nintendo have been working on a replacement for their popular Wii console.

Codenamed Project Cafe, information has seeped out regarding the next gen consoles details, and a report by Slash Gear gave us a brief rundown.

It would seem that the Wii 2 will make use of integrated “Screen Stream” technology which will send players the game direct to their controller, displaying the action on built-in touch-screens. Each player will have a separate image connected to their part in the game, while the TV will be able to display each camera angle or turned off altogether.

If your’e wondering what this new games console will look like, NeoGAF managed to source some mock-up images showing a somewhat retro unit. Style-wise the Wii 2 harks back to the old SNES days for those that remember, with a size comparable to the Xbox 360

Capable of splitting the images to four controllers and their 1080p HD displays, the hardware used packs special custom triple-core processor with an IBM PowerPC chip-set, similar to the one found in the Microsoft console. This will allow it the ability to be faster than Sony’s PS3 NVIDIA 7800GTX item.

With release dates rumored to be sometime in October this year, there is the possibility that the console giant may postpone an HD version until the start of 2012. As for price, expect to pay in the region of $400. Tell us if your think that the Screen Stream technology has what it takes to challenge the big players?

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