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HTC Thunderbolt Price Drop: Amazon Massively Reduce

April 22, 2022 | Tim Ollason

There are many mobile devices on the market and plenty that will be joining it very soon including the HTC Sensation that wants to rock the world. Another device that was very highly anticipated this year is the HTC Thunderbolt and now we have some more news about it to report to you.

We already told you about the battery life being a problem for the Thunderbolt as well as the text messaging issues and also how the price had remained at $249. The news we carry today is about the price. The HTC Thunderbolt has undergone a price drop as Amazon has massively reduced the device.

We learned of the news through Engadget’s Vlad Savov who says that the device’s price has been hacked at by Amazon Wireless who now commands a price of $129.99 from 699.99 finally making it in the right price range for what you get.

If you are looking to pick one of these bad boys up but want to know more about it then we would urge you to head over to the Amazon Wireless page as they have not only all of the specs and features but an abundance of customer reviews. Read through a few as they start to build a picture of the device that ultimately you will decide either for or against.

What do you think of the major price reduction that the device will now see? Will you pick it up at the new price? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • kristen

    Is anyone having issues with the front view camera in the t-bolt? Mine keeps forcing closed:..?

  • Raymond

    kristen i am having the same issue, was told to bring it in to the store on Monday to have it looked at or replaced. Not sure I want to deal with the hassle though. If you get yoursworking please report back here and I will do the same