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Apple New MacBook Air 2011 Thunderbolt Inclusion: June Launch

April 22, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

Back at the start of this month, our very own Debbie here at OSM spoke about the new Apple MacBook Air 2011 model, and in particular what specs would be greatly received. One key feature that stood above anything else, was that of the inclusion of the new Thunderbolt technology which was recently added to the new MacBook Pro refresh. Another was that of the benefit of Sandy Bridge processors.

If the news from the guys over at AppleInsider via Concord Securities is anything to go by earlier on today, then Apple are reported to begin their task of manufacturing updates to the new MacBook Air range during the month of May. Rumor has it that it will include the new 10Gbps bi-directionalThunderbolt I/O technology which as stated will replace the present “Mini DisplayPort, upgrade to Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors and Intel graphics . As Debbie quite rightly pointed out, sales of the 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch MacBook Air models got off to a flying start last October with some 1 million units being clenched within Q1, making it one of Apple’s most popular Mac offerings, well that was the case until the MacBook Pro refresh got underway.

Along with this, the news is looking hopeful with new models of the device going into “mass production” during next month with a June launch. To find out what this will include in terms of the Sandy Bridge inclusion, head on over to AppleInsider.

So in basic terms, what will this give owners of the new MacBook Air? Well, the new updated model will give a faster service in relation to processing power and transfer speeds.

Give us your thoughts on today’s news? Will you be waiting for the new model?

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  • Deena

    I am definitely waiting for the new Macbook Air….This will be my first Apple computer, and I really want to get a laptop that is different from the rest of the competition, i.e. ultraportable. 2 more months if the rumors are true!

  • Jake Normanicus Wright

    I REALLY hope it doesn't get glonged with an HD 3000 GPU, because that thing is teeeeerrible.

  • Ash

    I wish they'd make a 15" version.

  • Ram

    new mac air will include i5 or i7 intel processor?

  • SVSq

    I Think new macbook air comes with i3 or i5 only…

  • bob

    It needs a backlit keyboard!!!!!!!!!
    And I really hate Intel graphics. They simply suck.

  • scp

    New one will most likely be more expensive, so get a current one while it's available. I did and don't regret it one bit. This is the most portable wonder I have ever owned and worth it.


    I'm getting the new MBP now, and waiting for the the new air, just not to long just would like to have Thunderbolt port for both, so I don't have to carry an extra bag with extenders and plugz :(