Facebook Questions Reveals What Motorola Android Users Want

When it comes to cell phones and the things that are wanted on the device it’s normally a pretty simple method to find what you need on your device. You check around and see what everyone else has, find something unique, make it aesthetically pleasing and do a bit of market research into your target audience.

With the age of mobile updates perhaps demonstrated by Apple with the iPhone’s iOS improvements via the update things are changing. Now we can report something to you that we found through Engadget and it’s something that Facebook Questions has revealed about what Motorola Android users want. Check out the image below.

Now I don’t know about you but it seems pretty conclusive to me that they want Netflix… Just kidding, the number of people that simply want the bootloader unlocked so that they can do some tinkering with their device is the overwhelming majority.

The question that everyone has been answering was asked by Motorola from their official Facebook and the actual question was, “What cool Android apps would you like to see next from developers?” As things stand there are more than seven thousand people that have gone with the answer “UNLOCKED BOOTLOADER !!!!!!!” which is continually rising and is the highest vote so far. If you would like to cast your vote then click here to be directed to the question but you will need to login to your Facebook account if you haven’t already.

Would you agree with that answer? Do you Motorola users want to see the bootloader unlocked? Let us know in the comments section below.