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Nintendo 3DS Problems: Screen Scratches Appearing & More

April 20, 2022 | Tim Ollason

Many people around are looking at their Nintendo 3DS as a thing of beauty and let’s be honest; it is a pretty nifty little device. This is the handheld games console that requires no 3D classes to take advantage of its 3D capabilities but now we have some news for you that you should take action on.

We aren’t sure if you have noticed this but when you close your Nintendo 3DS, the strips of rubber don’t touch your screen which means it’s physically touching the bottom half of your device. This means that the Nintendo 3DS has a problem, the screen scratches will start to appear and there are more things coming to light.

Keeping with the screen issues for now, we learned of them through Slashgear’s Chris Davies and we have borrowed an image from their article to show you exactly what we mean. The same issue is being reported on the official Nintendo forums however there is a simple answer to preserving your screens and a bit of a work around for this issue… Use screen protectors.

Whilst you shouldn’t be forced to use screen protectors because of a potential design flaw, there’s no harm in adding that extra bit of support for your brand new shiny console is there? Other problems that have been reported with the device mainly include people feeling dizzy and sick from playing the device, this could be their minds adjusting to the intensity of the imaging and it could be that it takes a bit of time to get used to.

Have you had any problems with your Nintendo 3DS? Do you feel a bit queasy after playing your new 3D console? Tell us in the comments section below.

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  • supertuds

    Yeah I was getting the exact same thing, but noticed it early so I have a screen protector on it now.

  • brrr

    i keep my AR card in between the screens

  • 3DSguy

    That is what mine looks like but the lines appeared a few days after I put the screen protector on!