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iPhone 5 Obliterates iPod Touch 5 Launch Event

April 20, 2022 | Maddy Rowe
iPhone 5 Obliterates iPod Touch 5 Launch Event

News for some months has been hotting up regarding Apple’s next generation iPhone or iPhone 5 as its been named for the time being, and as well as what specs it will have, price, name change if any and so on, is of course the release date.

We are still no clearer to finding out exactly when the handset will touch down as initial suggestions had it placed at the beginning of June in line with the WWDC event whilst other dates have included September as well as 2012. Just the other day, we brought you news that specs for the phone would be similar to the iPhone 4 with a trial production in August with it officially landing September. So if this is the case, is there similarities to past Apple launches and where will it leave the new iPod Touch 5 due to make its entrance? have an interesting insight into both devices and on looking back, September has generally in the past been a time for Apple product launches with the first iPod nano making its debut back in 2005. Consequently after that period, other announcements have taken place during the first part of September including new nano’s, shuffle and touches.

So placing the 2 devices side by side, what will this mean for the much talked about iPhone 5? Will previous or current iPod Touch users be tempted towards the new iPhone? Ok so if an iPod Touch 5 event goes ahead, of course it will attract many Apple fans but as Beatweek quite rightly pointed out, bring the iPhone 5 into the equation then the event will be groundbreaking.

By putting the next gen handset as the show stopper with the iPod Touch 5 behind, will this entice users to change over from their iPod Touch or even stop using this and a wannabe iPhone version and run with the 5. With additional carriers including the big red Verizon coming into the picture, surely this will increase a new customer base plus give those existing Apple fans a handset with new further specs.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you waiting for the 5th gen iPod Touch, if it is released the same time as the mysterical iPhone 5, could it be overshadowed by its smartphone counterpart? Also do you think that as smartphones become more useful with their technology, will devices like the Touch and other forms of media playback be fizzled out?

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