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Apple iPhone 5: No Summer Release Is A Disappointment

April 20, 2022 | Tim Ollason

When it comes to iconic devices Apple seem to make them in abundance, they are normally a step ahead of the game forcing their competitors to have to come up with new ideas. Just take a look at the number of Apple iPhones we have had, I don’t think they have had a realistic challenge in the market until Android came along.

Now that we have seen the iPad 2 released the net is buzzing with excitement for the next potential device from Apple which is believed to be the iPhone 5 although we are hearing that it won’t be released this summer which is a disappointment. Engadget’s Thomas Ricker explains that he has an expectation that the device will be unveiled at Apple’s fall event but what is he going on to backup that claim?

Well sources gave reported to one of the most reputable places on the Internet in Reuters that the Apple Inc suppliers will begin production of the next generation Apple iPhone in the forthcoming July, that being the case, the finished product is likely to be shipping in September. This is pretty interesting stuff as the whole world eagerly awaits every miniscule detail as Apple is generally so secretive about their releases.

As the plans are not yet ‘public’ the sources to Reuters declined being identified but what they have said is that the device will look a lot like the iPhone 4 but enclosed within its shell will be a faster processor, maybe even the same one that is present in the iPad 2 as mentioned by Alan Ng of PRNews. That is pretty much a given entity with every smartphone successor though isn’t it?

Did you have your hopes pinned on refreshing your iPhone this summer? Will you wait for September to get the new iPhone 5? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Jassie

    iphone 5, white! though im not expecting Sept shipping. most likely.. beginning next year

  • Rob