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White iPhone 4 On Three UK - Buy Now Page Removed

April 19, 2022 | Tim Ollason

The illustrious White iPhone 4 was recently spotted on a Three UK page which Maddy Rowe of OSM instantly reported on, within the article she tells us how this handset has been delayed for at least 10 months which of course is when it was expected. Remember this is a device that wasn’t officially announced.

What we wanted to inform you of is the White iPhone 4 on Three UK “Buy Now” page has been removed. This has given us a slight case of Déjà Vu after the Verizon iPhone appeared on their website in white. It kind of makes you wonder if this is a blunder of the worst kind or perhaps an innocent mistake.

Richard Lai of took an amusing approach to quizzing the Three UK Live support member that wasn’t really letting on any clues. The update that they have added to their article says that Three finally wised up to the fact that nobody else is offering the iconic device, not yet anyway.

This could in fact be a sign of things to come; if this was put up early then it should mean that the other carriers in the UK already have it ready too. are reporting that the device will be arriving within weeks and we are under the impression that this device will in fact just be a stop gap for the iPhone 5 which we hope is coming later this year.

What do you think of the white iPhone 4? Will you get one when it’s available? Let us know if you have lost interest in it in the comments section below.

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