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Samsung Patent Infringement Causes Apple To Sue

April 19, 2022 | Matt Tran

Apple and Samsung normally do battle in the smartphone and tablet market; however it is because of this that they have ended up trading blows in the court room. Apple has filed a lawsuit that claims Samsung infringed their patents for the iPhone and iPad.

Samsung’s Galaxy range of smartphones and tablets have been a big hit amongst users and are one of Apple’s biggest competitors. Apple clearly feels that their intellectual property has been stolen, seeking injunctions and damages. Mashable has reported that Apple has not detailed the kind of damages they are seeking in the lawsuit; however make their feelings clear in a statement they issued.

Apple has torn in to Samsung, claiming their technology is stolen and branded what they have done as wrong. Samsung’s Galaxy products have been described as “infringing products” as they are said to have been copied from Apple’s iPhone and iPad patents, as reported by Electric Pig. Samsung’s smartphones and tablets run on Google’s hugely successful Android operating system which is currently out doing Apple’s iOS.

The iPad is the clear leader in the tablet market but more companies are putting new versions out on the market, adding to the competition. Tablets such as the Motorola Xoom are similar to the Galaxy tab, so it may not be just Samsung who face a hard time from Apple. Do you think Apple are using the courts to try and eliminate their rivals, rather than their own products? Let us know your thoughts on potentially having the Samsung Galaxy products removed from our shelves.

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