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White iPhone 4 Three UK: 20th April “Buy Now” Page Spotted

April 18, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

The White iPhone 4 from Apple is still managing to make waves within the phone world, even though the handset has now been delayed for at least 10 months. Within the last few days, news has come in that the phone will at last be making its entrance before the end of April. This comes from firstly, Apple’s very own Phil Schiller and secondly a leaked document from Verizon which highlights what looks to be a white iPhone 4 alongside a model number. But the white’s release may not be a matter of weeks but more like days now if the news is anything to go by today.

Pocketlint amongst others have reported that Three have in fact listed the handset on a “buy now” order page with news that it is in fact being shipped out 2 days from now on the 20th April. At this stage as Engadget pointed out, it is difficult to tell whether the retailer’s page was accidentally leaked or not?

On reporting Engadget stated that they did try to order the white model and got as far as the order confirmation page before the request was completely withdrawn. Take a look at the Three image below. Details for Apple’s offering which Pocketlint kindly sourced, included the 32GB handset which stated it has being £159 as a stand alone price or £35 per month on a 2 year contract. The plan included 2,000 minutes at any time of the day on any network, 5,000 texts, All you can eat Data, 5,000 Three to Three minutes, Voicemail and a iPhone 4 Bumper.

Up until now news of the white version has got many talking. Theories on its release have at times suggested that it is purely being used as a stop gap before the iPhone 5 gets launched?

At this stage it is difficult to officially say that the white is coming on the 20th but strong indication is pointing to this date. Any updates to this we will let you know.

Will you be getting the white iPhone 4, or are you waiting for the iPhone 5?

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  • Anil

    it don't work

  • Jon Child UK

    I must say that I am quite annoyed as I was one of those who waited patiently for the white version of the iPhone 4. However, as time goes on, at Christmas I put pen to paper and signed a new contract for the Black iPhone 4 as thought there would be now no way that they would release it with it being such a delay.

    But then to find that a few months later that they are releasing it does leave a bitter taste in the mouth and it should be a PR exercise fro Apple to adopt for those who had waited for the white but were pushed into signing for the white version!

    A tad annoying!!!!!