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Uncharted 3: Facebook, YouTube & Social Media Integration

April 18, 2022 | Tim Ollason

When you look at the way different businesses and brands are taking to social media, does it come as a surprise that game developers are doing the same? We recently reported on a clever campaign from the developers of Battlefield 3 to get 1 million likes similar to that of Assassin’s Creed where there were rewards to gain from the Facebook page hitting the same target.

Now we have heard that the new up and coming game Uncharted 3 is linked with Facebook, YouTube & Social Media integration and we wanted to tell you what they are doing. As told by USAToday, they are trying to bring Facebook and other forms of social media directly into the game.

Apparently the game developers Naughty Dog have begun working with Facebook and YouTube in an effort to expand upon the ability to share the gaming experience without using an external tool. The author Mike Snider says in his article that at the start-up menu, there’s a feed that shows what games your Facebook friends on the PlayStation network are playing.

Sounds like a platform similar to that of the PSN but running on Facebook. Of course the major difference here is that nobody has so far managed to bring Facebook into a game, the automatic updates that filter to Facebook. Head over to the report and have a look at all the things that were said by the head of Naughty Dog.

Which games would you like to see have a deeper social media integration? One we suggested previously was a stat integration between Facebook and Call of Duty Zombies. What suggestions do you have?

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