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Sony Giving Downloadable Content With PS Move Starter Pack

April 18, 2022 | Matt Tran

Sony has opted to do what many more are, and ditch physical discs in favour of downloadable content.

Previously in their Playstation Move starter pack, you would receive a demo disc in the box to test out your new device. Gamers will now get free downloadable content from the Playstation Store opposed to the demo disc. Sony has realised that a majority of gamers use the online store to download all sorts of media and so the change is a convenient one, as reported by Tech Radar.

Strategy Informer has announced only new versions of the starter pack will be produced, so if you liked the classic demo disc then you are out of luck. Sony figured that at least 90% of gamers have the internet so have implemented this change; however I do feel it is a little unfair on the minority who have purchased the new pack but do not have an internet connection.

With digital streaming and rental on the rise, it appears that Sony are joining in on what could be the start of the death of discs. Could we live in an age in the next decade where all forms of disc are totally obsolete and virtual media is the only content on the market? Leave us your thoughts on the idea of scrapping discs and embracing digital media, is it completely possible?

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