Kenny Dalglish Swears At Arsene Wenger: YouTube Videos Go Nuts

There are many videos out there that turn into viral videos, some of them are well crafted free running videos, the Apple iPad 2 being blasted with a shotgun and of course David Beckham featuring in a Pepsi advert where we still can’t decide if it’s real or fake. Now we wanted to tell you about what happened when Kenny Dalglish was swearing at Arsene Wenger and the number of YouTube videos of it has been going nuts!

Kenny Dalglish Swears At Arsene Wenger: YouTube Videos Go Nuts

There’s a whole load of videos being uploaded recently following the epic match this weekend between Liverpool FC and Arsenal FC. The game was a big battle and as much as I hate to say it, Lucas put in a load of great tackles. There was also a clash of heads between Jamie Carragher and one of his team mates understandably making the game stop for a few minutes.

The controversy started at the end of the match when young Spearing brought down Cesc Fabregas as he danced in the Liverpool box. The clock was on 90+8 at this point as Robin Van Persie converted the penalty. The Gunners thought they had the game wrapped up but the game took a final turn.

Liverpool won a penalty of their own as Eboue needlessly went into the back of Lucas clattering him to the ground (although it did look like he was looking for it). Dirk Kuyt stepped up and resisted the pressure by slotting it away perfectly on 90+12. This is where the video came in as that was the final kick of the game; Arsene Wenger was enraged and said something only for King Kenny to react saying “It was a penalty” followed by a bit of cursing at the Arsenal manager. Check out the video at the bottom of the article where we have added one with subtitles.

What punishment do you see coming for King Kenny Dalglish? Let us know your thoughts on the whole situation in the comments section below.

  • Jack robo

    There will not be any action taken against kenny daglish the FA is a corrupt outfit with a complete vendetta against manchester united end of.

  • adekogbe adewale

    It's high time Chelsea F.C apologised to us their FANS 4 sacking ray wilkins.its obvious the guy is the brain behind chelsea success last season.

  • The Blue Cagool

    About time someone told A.W. He uses every excuse in the book when his team lose, never admits to getting beat fair and square, always has to blame someone or some incident in the game. Arrogant Git