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Angry Birds Seasons: Users Angered By Adverts

April 18, 2022 | Jonathan Cordes

We here at Online Social Media love Angry Birds. Whether it be the most recent Angry Birds Rio, or the original smash hit, Angry Birds is a popular game and you can usually find it at the top of the charts on your Android phone, iPhone and Windows Phone 7 application marketplace of choice.

For those who have previously purchased Angry Birds Seasons (originally Angry Birds Halloween), simply go to your device’s app store and check the update section to download the free update to this application, which adds a whole new 18 levels as well as a special Easter Egg which looks as if it will open when you have achieved three stars on all stages.

However, when you click the pause button in-game in order to restart the level for the umpteenth time, you find yourself looking at a pause screen with ‘Rovio News’, which currently displays an advertisement for the new Angry Birds Rio. The problem that users who are playing on their Apple device have with this is that we paid for the explicit purpose of having an ad-free game.

Whilst Android gets Angry Birds for free with advertisements in-game, iOS users pay 99 cents/$1.99 for the game and this new addition of advertisements has annoyed some users. On the Angry Birds app page in the iTunes Store several angry users have left negative reviews. One user who goes by the name Adrian Swingler says that “I paid $ for this app so I do not want adds! There already is a version with adds so don’t add it to the paid version”, and I agree with him.

These new adverts appear on the iOS versions of Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons, but they do not appear in Angry Birds Rio. All three cost 99 cents on the iPhone and iPod Touch and $1.99 on the iPad, which comes to 69p and £1.79 respectively in the UK.

What do you think? Are Rovio justified in adding adverts to their Angry Birds game? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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