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Angry Birds Seasons Update: New Easter Levels Arrive!

April 18, 2022 | Matt Tran

For all you Angry Birds fanatics out there, rejoice! Rovio has rolled out its update to Seasons which now sees the new Easter levels made available.

Just when you thought we had got rid of the pesky pigs in Rio, we now see them return for a bout of Easter madness, wearing bunny ears to celebrate the month where we all stuff ourselves to death on chocolate. The update offers 15 new levels to beat, with this also being the first Angry Birds update for Facebook, it has been reported by Cnet.

The Easter update follows on from the Valentines Day and St. Patrick’s day editions, with Christmas and Halloween versions also available. According to Mashable, iPhone users will have to pay $0.99 and iPad users $1.99. Android users have the joy of a free update from the market. We expect the new Seasons to enjoy the same success as all previous versions of Angry Birds. Can it top Rio?

Angry Birds Rio as you may know by now, was swooping over 1 million downloads a day. We spoke yesterday about how the deal with 20th Century Fox is helping advertise the game, with Angry Birds returning the favour for their new movie, which is also called Rio. Have you updated your Angry Birds Seasons and played the new levels yet? If so let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

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