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Verizon White iPhone 4: Will You Buy The 16GB or 32GB Model?

April 17, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

Just a matter of days ago, we gave you news that the elusive White iPhone 4 would at last be making an appearance. Although some 10 months down the line from its supposed initial release, the handset is due to make its entrance sometime during this month. This comes as Apple’s very own Phil Schiller gave us indication that it was indeed coming. Yesterday we then carried on with reports that an inventory listing from the big red Verizon had been spotted showing clues that indeed the white was coming. Even though the name was not mentioned it was in fact the model numbers that indicated this.

Following on from this very item with the numbers looked at in more detail, Verizon will be offering 16 and 32GB versions. This comes from Gary over at PR News courtesy of Mark Gurman at AppleInsider.

If you take a look at the image below of the inventory, you will see model numbers MC678 for what is the black iPhone 4 and a number of MC679 which could then make this the white version, this comes from the iPad 2 tablet having the same numbering system.

Any news to this, we will let you know.

Give us your thoughts. Do you want to get the white model now and if so which version, or have you just lost interest as many others no doubt have?

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  • dan


  • Carolyn Nicander Mohr

    I am still holding out for the iPhone 5, which is a long wait since I still have a 3GS. Even if the iPhone 5 is delayed until September, it still doesn't make sense to get a new phone with a two year contract.

    I am hoping to get a 64gb black iPhone 5. I find the white distracting.