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The Sony NGP Astonishing Features & Expected Price

April 17, 2022 | Tim Ollason

One of the most anticipated devices that we may not even see this year is the upgrade to the Sony PSP, the PSP 2 or as it has been named the NGP. This is a device that will be looking to take the handheld gaming market by storm and oust Nintendo from their market domination.

As most of you will already be aware the Nintendo 3DS has been released throughout the world and we are hearing that the sales have been pretty solid so far. Something we wanted to talk to you about today though is the Sony NGP’s astonishing features & its expected price as this isn’t a detail that Sony has announced.

Let’s start with the features; this little device has a powerful quad-core ARM Cortex A9 (AGX543MP) that will certainly take handheld gaming to the next level. It also sports a decent sized 5” multi-touch capacitive screen that runs at a resolution of 960×544. It has dual-analogue sticks on the face of the device and a touch sensitive panel on the rear. As informed by they tell us that there are front and rear facing cameras.

We already asked you how much you would pay for the NGP where some people were saying that they are prepared to part with up to $600! To try and work out a rough price you would have to look at the original PSP price and then consider what you are getting in terms of equipment. The original price was at around $250 which is roughly what we expect the price to be of the new model. Taking everything into consideration we expect the device to be priced at $250-$300.

How much to do you expect the NGP to be on release day and where do you think the best deal will be? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. nevin says:

    $300 for non 3G one and $350-$400 for the 3G one. It will be like the kindle where you pay more for the 3G one but you don’t have to pay a monthly fee.

  2. nin10do says:

    still too much money all the psp2 will fail.

  3. Sphyriel says:

    I think sony is gonna play this one smart. At the time of the first PSP 250 for a handheld was a sizable chunk of change. I think Sony really just wants to get this thing in peoples hands probably around the fall and holiday season. I think sony will price it between $300-$350. Any more than that and you start competing with Ipad and tablets which from a student stand point id rather get an Ipad which can run academic programs as well as game. Im an owner of a PSP Go and an Ipad and im very excited to get the NGP

  4. jagg says:

    It's gonna be expensive, Sony already said that you will be investing in the future of the device so expect to pay 400$

    • fubich says:

      i im thinking mor about 500 dollaars. I looke up the psp2 after doing a teenbizz article at skool. Sony isnt gettin to much money due to new realese from nintendo and apple. so i think its gonna be expensive.

  5. thani says:

    id buy it for $300 non wifi but i think its gona be $350

  6. mik says:

    ubisoft said a few weeks after the announcing of the ngp that the expected price will be 250 for wifi version and 350 for 3g version.
    and who cares if it will become 400$?
    ppl pay 700 for a smart phone and nobody complains on that!

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