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Rio’s Box Office Success: Thanks To Angry Birds?

April 17, 2022 | Matt Tran
Rio’s Box Office Success: Thanks To Angry Birds?

With the recent big screen release of the movie, Rio, it has contributed to awareness of the new Angry Birds game which shares the same name. But for those Angry Birds Rio fans, has the game contributed to an increase in cinema ticket sales?

The spin-off game has been a smash hit, with over 10 million downloads in the opening 10 days of availability. The movie has had the same success, receiving big box office figures of $55 million in the opening weekend, as well as wide critical acclaim. The partnership between film and game comes from the partnership between Angry Bird’s creator Rovio and film studio 20th Century Fox, according to CNBC.

If you are one of the millions who has downloaded and played the free version of Angry Birds Rio, then you may have noticed that tickets to the Rio movie are being sold on the advertisement banners. The Wall Street Journal has reported that the ticket provider Fandango has also got in on the act with Rovio and 20th Century Fox, and is further pushing players of the game into the cinema. We recently saw how Rovio are set to add a sync feature to the game.

This seems like one of the perfect partnerships, as the app of the year Angry Birds is a perfect advertising platform for an animated 3D movie which is connected to the game. The Rio movie is also a springboard for Angry Birds in Hollywood, according to Rovio’s CEO Mikael Hed. It would appear that Angry Birds has had a massive hand in the success of Rio, would you agree? Leave us your thoughts in the comments and how closely the film and game are connected if you have seen them.

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  • Jonathan Cordes

    When I see Rio, I think of Angry Birds. Which makes me want an Angry Birds movie, even though I have no idea how that would work. Maybe the advertising is working in reverse?!? Either way, more Angry Birds is better for me!