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Facebook Gets $190.5 Million Investment From T. Rowe Price

April 17, 2022 | Matt Tran
Facebook Gets $190.5 Million Investment From T. Rowe Price

Facebook have just had a nice healthy cash injection, after investment company T. Rowe Price pumped $190.5 million into the social networking company.

T. Rowe Price were reported to have made the deal with Facebook on Friday, which saw them buy up $190.5 million worth of stock at $25 a share. The investment firm have put money into plenty of other big operations around, with it being reported that Zynga and Groupon both received investments of $71.8 million and $86.8 million respectively.

The more investments Facebook gets, the more value is added to the company. Over the past few months, a number of estimated figures have been thrown out in the open ranging from $30-50 billion; according to Mashable the current figure stands at around $65 billion. It was also reported that Twitter recently got a $100 million investment, along with and Ning.

We reported to you recently that Facebook could be about to create a brand new social network over in China, which will be disconnected from the version we use. Also we found that Facebook’s major rival Google, just made first quarter earnings of $8.58 billion. What kind of baring will Facebook’s new investment have on the company? Leave us your feelings in the comments section below.

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