Battlefield 3 Facebook Campaign: Likes Unlocks Video

Facebook has been used in all sorts of ways such as the way Ron Paul is using the social network to sell his house, Coca-Cola investing more in social media as well as big brands such as ASOS and FCUK moving towards a more social media orientated approach.

Now we wanted to inform you of a very unique approach that has been taken by the team behind the new up and coming game set to rival the popular Call of Duty Series, Battlefield 3. The campaign was to get enough likes to unlock a video; they have now hit their target and allowed that video to be seen by the general public.

Battlefield 3 for all you gaming fans that haven’t heard much about it is set to be one of the biggest games of the year as it looks set to stun fans with amazing graphics and epic gameplay. As told by’s author Thomas Sharp was developed by DICE (EA Digital Illusions CE).

This is an intelligent way of promoting the game that will not be released until November 2nd and already at the time of writing this article we are over the 800,000 Likes on their Facebook page. Hopefully we can hit that magic 1,000,000 marker so that we can see this bonus footage but in the mean time head to the bottom of the article to see the newly released 12 minute Fault Line gameplay trailer.

Do you think the awareness has been raised with the campaign? Are you looking forward to the release of Battlefield 3? Let us know in the comments section below.