Play Netflix Movies Using Voice Or Hand Commands With Kinect

A new dimension has been brought to the way we can play our movies on Netflix now, as the need for a remote control looks to be becoming even more needless. Now when you stream a movie you can control all of the commands via voice or hand gesture if you are viewing through an Xbox 360 with a Kinect.

Functions such as play, pause and fast forward can now be spoken or signalled rather than being pressed on a remote control. Speech recognition is a thing we are seeing much more and the Kinect’s speciality is dealing with body movements so it seemed natural to implement this sort of technology into a movie app. Mashable has confirmed that a software update will be required from the Xbox 360 video marketplace.

Xbox Live’s general manager Pete Thompson has been speaking about the new feature, saying “we are excited to deliver a brand new way to control this experience in a way that can’t be found anywhere else”, as reported by USA Today. We recently saw how one of Netflix’s rivals, Vudu is now offering movie streaming in your web browser.

So what are the new benefits of the voice and hand control whilst using Netflix? Well for starters it is more convenient saying a word than picking up a controller and pressing several buttons. If the controller is stuck down the side of the couch or you want to save its battery life then the new commands also come in handy. It also seems like a cool way to impress your mates, starting the film by waving your hands or shouting PLAY! Will you give Netflix’s new feature on Xbox 360 a go? After all it is free!