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iPad 2: White “Hard Candy” Collection Includes Cases, Stylus & More

April 15, 2022 | Maddy Rowe
iPad 2: White “Hard Candy” Collection Includes Cases, Stylus & More

So you have decided to enter the tablet market with Apple’s finest and latest iPad 2. Not wanting to settle for the standard hue you’ve decided to opt for the white device in all its glory. But now you want to protect your purchase, but without covering up the fact that your slate is the white edition, your looking round for a casing to complement its blanc shell.

Well thanks to Hard Candy Cases and their fresh new white range your iPad 2 will have a choice of protective coverings. Three options are available along with the addition of a Stylus White Pen, they are the White Candy Convertible, White Street Skin and White Bubble Sleeve.

Lets take a look at the trio, starting with the Candy Convertible. Whilst the design offers similar flip folio features seen on other covers, there is no mistaking the faux-nubuck material, finished in white or black. Offering a snug fit and dual position viewing angles, all for $44.95.

If the flip casing isn’t your bag then how about the Street Skin, retailing at $39.95, it sheaths your device in tight fitting TPU rubber. Covering the corners and the edges, it is specially designed not to stretch or lose shape. As Business Wire state, the easy to clean design features a magnetic built-in screen enclosure which straps to the rear of your slate when not in use. It also allows full access to all outputs and controls whilst installed.

Last up is Hard Candy’s signature design White Bubble Sleeve, which as the moniker suggests comes with a fancy protective bubble pattern, complimented by foam filled rubber buffers. With its zipper style casing comes a high quality lining to fend off any undesirable interference and a price tag of $49.95.

As for the White Stylus Pen a full Apple compatibility follows its $34.95 label, it also manages to multitask with the option of Stylus or standard ink scribbler.

So there you have it, Hard Candy’s latest range ready for all your iPad 2 desires, tell us if the range offers something new for you?

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