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White iPhone 4 Confirmed April Release: Have We Lost Interest?

April 14, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

Ever since last year, we have been waiting patiently for news of the White iPhone 4 and its release. No doubt many of you have given up all hope of getting your hands on one of the elusive handsets, but is it about to be released once and for all? Subsequent delays in the past have been put down to manufacturing glitches in relation to matching the home button and faceplate white color.

If the news from today is anything to go by then Apple’s white offering may be with you in a matter of weeks now instead of months. Ok, so its taken 10 months to get to this stage, but as Alan over at PR News reported earlier today, indications have come from a trustworthy source “Bloomberg” who have at their end been told by 3 different individuals familiar with Apple, that the phone will indeed be with us very soon.

If we cast our minds back to last month, Apple’s very own Phil Schiller gave us certain hope that the white version would be with us “in the spring,” and this was again an approximate time we gave last December, so really in terms of time frame, the launch should be about now anyway. We have to say here at OSM we are still apprehensive as to whether the phone will actually make an appearance as just over a week ago, our very own Debbie reported that Apple’s white model had been completely removed from the system, and with news of the next generation iPhone or iPhone 5 if you prefer making an entrance at some time, has given many of us reason to question whether the iPhone 5 would in fact have its very own white version or even that the white iPhone 4 would be a stop gap until the 5 officially came.

What we can tell you is that the white iPhone 4 is now suggested to be here the end of April so that’s some 3 weeks to wait now, and as Mashable reported, carriers the big red Verizon and AT&T will be running with the handset.

Any updates to this, we will let you straight away. It just leaves us to ask the question whether you will now buy the white iPhone 4 or rather wait for the iPhone 5 to surface? If you were totally honest, did you just get fed up waiting as no doubt many people did.

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