Unbelievable David Beckham: Pepsi YouTube Video - Fake Or Real?

There are many different YouTube videos out there that have gone viral, some of the most popular ones include the Epic Rap Battles of History, the Tempest Free Running Academy who added their one and of course the first episode from the new web series of Mortal Kombat.

Unbelievable David Beckham: Pepsi YouTube Video – Fake Or Real?

Some of the best videos on YouTube are the ones that make you wonder how something happened, what the logic is behind it. Well now there’s an Unbelievable David Beckham Pepsi YouTube Video that has sparked the debate Fake Or Real? When you think about it, David Beckham isn’t only an ambassador for football he is also one of the greatest English players we have ever seen.

If anyone could pull off firing three footballs consecutively from a dead ball situation into a bin from that distance, it could only be David Beckham that is armed with that talent. If you think back to how many times he has dug England and Manchester United out of trouble with a curling free kick into the top corner and then watch the video, it is certainly believable.

This video has received more than two million views since its upload day of April 7th and it continues to rise. So we are going to keep the debate going and remember… This is David Beckham… Fake or Real, leave your comment in the section below.