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Rio Ferdinand Hoax on Twitter with Piers Morgan: Media Fooled

April 14, 2022 | Debbie Turner

We often bring you news about prolific Twitter user Rio Ferdinand, Manchester United defender. His escapades on Twitter are widely read and hugely popular and recent posts have included praise for winger Nani after the match against Fulham and then leaping to Wayne Rooney’s defence after his swearing outburst. Now we have heard of a Ferdinand hoax using Twitter, one which has managed to fool a lot of the media.

The hoax was cooked up between Rio Ferdinand and Piers Morgan of CNN and involved some banter that appeared to develop into something more serious. The two celebrities regularly message each other on Twitter and yesterday after Morgan mocked Ferdinand’s spelling ability, Ferdinand tweeted, “Piers this is not a newspaper..keep it simple for us simple folk! Your losing us with all these big words u keep using, #moobs is our limit!,” according to a report on Metro by Richard James. Ferdinand and Morgan both then engaged in some banter about their fitness levels and weight and then Ferdinand issued another tweet saying, “If #piershasmoobs starts trending a follower is getting a prize (tickets etc)…let’s GO…. I’ll start us off nicely #piershasmoobs,’ the former England captain posted.”

The plot then thickened as Ferdinand hoaxed the world that Twitter had reprimanded him for cyber-bullying Morgan, tweeting that he’d been asked to “hold back on Piers” and then apologizing. Several media outlets than jumped on the story about the so-called cyber-bullying before the revelation that it had all been a big joke by Ferdinand and Morgan. Ferdinand tweeted, “The word gullible comes to mind!!!! Sucked right in!!!#piershasmoobs,” and then “Wow the media need to relax tweeps!! Get a grip!”

The two clearly enjoyed their prank with Morgan then tweeting congratulations to Ferdinand for the successful con. Ferdinand also previously tried an April Fools’ hoax that wasn’t so successful and didn’t manage to fool the press when he said he’d signed up for the next series of “Dancing on Ice” but we reckon media outlets won’t be so quick to get a Ferdinand story out in future. What are your thoughts on the banter between Ferdinand and Morgan? Let us know with your comments.

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  • Seo Republika

    It was funny….as usual.

  • dene

    I was flumaxed by it but never thought about deeply enough that I lost sleep over it,lol ;-)