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Motorola Droid Bionic May Not See Release: Rumor of Targa Instead?

April 14, 2022 | Debbie Turner

Here at OSM one of the most popular subjects for our readers for some time has been the Motorola Droid Bionic, due for release on Verizon and rumored for May. We know how many of you are waiting for this handset but we now have some rather worrying news with a rumor that the Droid Bionic may never see a release and could possibly be replaced by another handset, the Motorola Targa instead.

For now we’d ask that you take this rumor with a very big pinch of salt as certainly nothing has been confirmed but we know that one of the questions we are most often asked is ‘when is the Bionic being released?’ We’ve therefore been bringing you all the speculation and developments as we hear it. We know how many of you are have been impressed and are interested in this high-spec handset, which is 4G and has a dual-core processor and we’ve never heard of a Motorola Targa phone before so we’d advise you to sit tight before getting too alarmed.

News of the rumor came to us from Kevin Krause over on Phandroid and its source was from an “insider” on HowardForums who said that the Droid Bionic could be passed over and we could see the Motorola Targa in its place. Apparently some images of the Targa were recently leaked and Phandroid states that one of their “reliable tipsters” seems to be substantiating the rumor. However if the rumor were true then the Targa wouldn’t be expected to arrive until later this summer leaving Verizon without a dual-core handset although Phandroid also points to a recent rumor that the Droid X2 could feature a dual-core processor after all.

Greg Kumparak over on MobileCrunch also notes this rumor and says that although they wouldn’t usually take such speculation seriously, this information on HowardForums was posted by wnrussell who apparently has often posted reliable information and leaked images. If you want to find out more about the little-known Targa you can see the leaked images of it over at Engadget, and it appears these images were also leaked by the same wnrussell on HowardForums!

We’ve published many articles on the Droid Bionic including a comparison with the Apple iPhone 5 and also a more recent look at the Bionic vs. the HTC Sensation vs. the Galaxy S II and would be extremely disappointed if for some reason there’s no appearance. As we said earlier though, for now we’re not taking this rumor too seriously. We’d like to know your thoughts on this. Are you waiting for the Motorola Droid Bionic and how would you feel if the rumor that it may be scrapped proves genuine? Let us know with your comments please.

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  • pissed

    Who cares? The specs are dwarfed by the htc sensation and all the other phones that haven't been released yet. Im about to upgrade to a htc incredible for $0.01 on amazon

  • Darriel

    I can live with the absence of the Droid Bionic if the Droid X2 comes with Tegra 2, front facing camera, and 4G capability.

  • anthony

    i am looking forward to the bionic as i have the new thunderbolt and decided to return it in favor of the bionic. if it were to be canceled i hope verizon comes with something equal to or better in the very near future

  • Prescott

    I am just sick of waiting for a dual core android on Verizon. I still have the original Motorola droid and if AT&T had better coverage around my around i would go with the Atrix immediately.

  • Dawn

    I have been chomping at the bit and even sent a verizon salesperson everything I had for the Bionic and told her that as SOON as it hit the store she was to call me!!!!

  • Alan

    Why can't verizon just be honest and truthful and let the public what is really going on!