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Facebook Email Scam: Beware It Has Malware!

April 14, 2022 | Tim Ollason
Facebook Email Scam: Beware It Has Malware!

When it comes to Facebook there are a number of threats that you should be aware of. There are more and more different threats of different varieties hitting the massive social network and not everybody is aware of them and what they can do.

Some of the recent threats that haven’t gone unnoticed by the eye of OSM include the passwords that were being compromised through hotmail, the Twilight game that’s loaded with malware, the Facebook photo scams and of course the photoshop scam that has spread like a virus. Now we have heard of another one, this is the Facebook email scam, beware it has Malware.

The image above is of the email that we want to warn you of, there are a few tell tale signs that this isn’t genuine that even the average person should notice. The first one is in the very first line “Dear user of FaceBook”, notice the way that Facebook is written, whilst this may be a minor error; nobody from the Facebook team would get away sending anything like that.

If you head over to the Sophos security centre that is talking about this exact issue as is Nick O’Neill of O’Neill advises that in these cases you should delete the email and don’t download any attachments. This does seem like normal protocol here however these scammers rely on people not knowing.

Make sure you have a read of the Sophos article and then tell us your thoughts and feelings in the comments section below.

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