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E3 Will See A New Nintendo Static Console: Your Thoughts?

April 14, 2022 | Tim Ollason

When it comes to the world of consoles there are three main competitors, Microsoft with their Xbox 360 and Kinect which has proven to be extremely popular, the Sony PlayStation 3 which is one of the things that most kids want and of course the Nintendo Wii which is a motion controlled system.

This year we will see the WWDC conference from Apple and the dates for E3 clashing and we have compared the expectations to help you decide on which one you should think about. We were speculating with PRNews about there perhaps being a new Xbox console (720) but now we are hearing that at E3 we will see a new static Nintendo console, we want to know your thoughts on this.

Various sources such as Techland’s Chris Gayomali and one of the authors over at IGN are saying that Nintendo will be showcasing a new console which could trigger their competitors to start letting on some more details of their own new consoles. The expected launch date for the new backwards compatible (to Wii) device is 2012 which makes E3 the perfect time and place to give a few details to the world.

There’s also a report over at that suggests their new console will be significantly more powerful that the Sony PS3 and the Xbox 360. Let’s be honest about it though, it would have to be wouldn’t it? They also say that Nintendo will look to recapture the hardcore gamers and if that is the case then in my opinion they need to look back at the successful games from the Gamecube and SNES and either remake them with a completely new look or add to the series… Separation Anxiety for example, another Zelda game, more Mario Kart and then they will be well on their way to success.

What do you think we will see from E3? Would you like to see a new Nintendo console? Let us know in the comments section below.

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